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12-11-07  Perspective

As I sit here writing this email I have to shake my head just to  grasp the truth that on this day Dec 11th, 1999 was my last concert  as a member of The Cathedral Quartet.  Eight years ago the music   stopped. I'm so glad the recordings live on and on.  This is one of   the reasons we (EH&SS) try our best each night ........ you never   know when the music will stop.


When we sang that last concert in Akron Ohio that date was set a year prior as the "last" date.  Little did we know that Co-founder Glen   Payne would not make it and would pass away before that last show.


Thinking about all this leaves me sad and missing all my  
buddies ....... Glen, George, Roger and Scott.  We had some great  
days together ..... we really did!  I found a home movie / VHS the  
other day of all us just goofing off on the road ..... it was really  
neat to watch.  As the song says, "Precious Memories.... how they  linger."

I love the word "perspective."  The state of one's mind and ideas  
with facts known to one.  The problem with one's perspective is that  the facts can get clouded very quick and hurt your world view.  If  one cares to take a second look or chooses to live above the fray then ones perspective can save you and your well being.

You do not have to lose perspective ..... you can keep everything in  a healthy point of view.  How? You have to stay "grateful." Being  grateful keeps the soil of the heart very soft so that discouragement  cannot not take root and grow and cloud your thinking.

I told a friend (someone in the biz) last week who came to see the  Gaither show in Lexington, KY that I am having the time of my life  with Signature Sound. Not because I did not enjoy my time with The  Cats .... I did ...... it's just that after the music stopped I   thought my Quartet days were gone....... over!  I never dreamed (well   I dreamed but only dreamed) that I would have a group and have any success that could come close to what I experience with my favorite group The Cathedrals.


Having this new perspective has helped me let a lot of things go that would have other wise got me down and discouraged.  As I told my   friend ....... "I'm just happy to be back out here quarteting it  again.  (I know that is not a word but it is apart of my   lexicon   ...... Quarteting)


I heard a story the other day about a kid who was a highly recruited football running back out high school who started having pain in his   leg.  The doctor checked him out and everyone thought it was probably   a sprain or some other minor problem.  When the test came back the   doctor had the sad job of informing him that the test showed a rare bone cancer that would spread and kill him if they did not remove his leg.


As you can imagine ..... he was crushed.  No college, no NFL, no more running.


As the story goes ....... the boy went to the hospital and went under the knife to have his leg removed.  When the doctor opened him up and   was able to see for himself what was going on inside the young mans   leg, he realized that the test were wrong and he did not have to have   his leg taken from him.


When the boy woke up and saw his leg still there and was told the  
good news he cried and sobbed like a baby ........ He was so grateful that He had his leg and his dreams of playing football again.


The story closed by the boy saying that everyday he gets out of bed  everyday and kneels thanking God that he can walk, that he can run, that he is healthy.


What happened here is he has a new point of view ..... his   perspective changed and now He is forever Grateful!  I bet He may   have a bad game or miss a play here and there but I bet he does not "obsess" over it for He knows He is just happy to be back out on the field again.

I know since my knee surgery (that has taken me a good year to bounce fully back from) that not a day goes by I do not thank God for being able to go up and down stairs again.  Something simple that you never even thank God for is now an opportunity to praise Him.  Now, I think about things that have not been taken away and praise Him right away.  To be able to think, to be able to walk when I have to park far away, for being able to hear the neighbors dog barking in the back yard as I try to rest. On and on I could go but the point is We have a lot to be grateful for if we would only change our perspective.

Gaither and I were talking on my bus the other day and he said,  "God save me from cynicism and an ungrateful spirit."  Amen to that!  We   are so blessed ...... God has given all of us so much and we seem to   major on things that will not even be apart of our thinking 6 months   from now.

God forgive us!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Psalms say that our days are to be numbered ....... all of us are ticking off the minutes and days of our lives.  To spend them down,   blue, ungrateful, and discouraged is a sin!  Maybe the biggest sin we could ever commit.


Don't take your spouse for granted ...... they will not always be   there.  Don't take your job more serious than your kids and your  
friends ........ Nobody dying in a hospital says bring me my money  
and my awards ..... they want those they love around them.  Don't  
leave this world with regrets.  LIVE and LOVE like there is no  
tomorrow ....... remember, our days are numbered and the music will stop. Make sure you live your life in such a way that you leave   recordings that will play over and over in the minds of everyone you  have come in contact with in your numbered days.  Make the music   sweet .......... make sure the recordings are full of wonderful   harmony with no discord.

There is a sign that is on the wall of my bedroom that Lisa hung up  
over her night stand that says, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight!"  Every  night that I am home I do just that ..... and for every night that I  was away I make up for it.  If the music stops for us tomorrow I have no regrets.  She has no doubts and neither do I.


My good friend Gordon Mote has a new song called "Don't Let Me Miss The Glory"  In everything we see God has His finger print upon   it.  Gordon cannot see.  He has been blind since his birth.  It is  
something very humbling to be reminded by someone who cannot see that we are not seeing.


Why not change our "perspective" and be "grateful" for what we "do" have instead of what we don't have and start experiencing the glory   in living and giving ourselves everyday.



"30 Days To Harmony With God"

The new devotional book called "30 Days To Harmony With God" by Ernie Haase and Tori Taff is available now. Tori offers this brief overview of the work: "I collaborated with Ernie on a 30-day devotional book to be released in conjunction with the new SSQ project. There are ten songs on the cd, and we took each lyric, or sometimes just a line of a lyric, and kind of used that as a jumping off point to wrap a thought around for each day's devotional. We got three devotional pieces out of each song. Ernie sent me some of his ideas and we also drew from some things he had written down and used on his website." 

Ernie shares: "I have for a few years now been writing my thoughts and experiences into a devotional type internet newsletter to our 'E-Team' subscribers. When the Gaither company approached me about putting my thoughts down into a devotional book it struck a chord with me right away. To be able to share how the Lord has worked in my life with others in this format is new and exciting to me."

Tori also said that anyone who has ever seen SSQ in concert or spoken to Ernie personally can attest to the fact that he's a genuinely nice guy. She says there is also a spiritual depth and integrity to him that is just as genuine. In Tori's words: "He walks the walk.  Ernie had the opportunity to spend some of his most formative years on the road with George Younce, and the influence his father-in-law (and hero) had on him has been profound. Working with Ernie on this book was a pleasure for me as a writer because he brought so much to the table. His insights into scripture and ability to use his personal experiences to encourage others made this book more than just a 'nice little addition' to the new cd-- I truly believe that God can use it to change lives."

Ernie Haase adds that he hopes the devotional books will find their way into the hearts and lives of all who read. "I pray that the peace of God that has taken me through so many steps in my life will translate and become an inspiration to all."
"30 Days To Harmony With God"

Go to SSQ Website Clink Link Below to buy it.
Ernie Hasse & Signature Sound 
Wall Of Work             Feb 7th 2005

I got my copy in Knoxville
at the Gaither Homecoming 12-2-05
Ernie it is wonderful,
I love reading your thoughts about life.
And your love for your wife Lisa
And your life with George

Psalm 68:25 
 The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.


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