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Born Cynthiana, Indiana  Grew up  in Newburgh, Indiana
Birthday Dec 12 1964
Wife  Lisa A Younce Born June 10 1963 Daughter of George Wilson Younce
Son-in-Law of George W. Younce (The Cathedrals Bass singer)  and Clara Younce
Anniversary Dec 8 1990
Home Church Stow Alliance Fellowship
Saved Ernie  was 5 years old when I came to know the Lord
Bible Verse I Peter 5: 6 & 7
“Humble yourself under the mighty hand of the Lord and He will lift you up in due time. Casting all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.
High School Castle High School
College Oakland City College, On a Baseball scholarship then transferred to  SBU  Southern Baptist university  Mid 1980's
Favorite Restaurant Yours Truly
Teen years Sing in the Church Choir & The School Choir & the Annual Talent show at his school, By the way Ernie never won.
Hobbies Loves Basketball
Sports Football, Baseball in high school & college
Politics Ernie doesn't consider himself to be politically active. He does day is parents instilled in his a strong sense of responsibility to vote. It was almost a sin to not vote Ernie says. so I vote, & something else I do is pray for our President & the leaders of our nation. God ordained government, & we should pray for the people in positions of leadership, Regardless of party,

Odd twist of fate--a serious illness--that set him on his career path. At the age of eight, Ernie contracted a severe case of spinal meningitis. With their son not expected to live, Ernie's mother and dad prayed that if God would spare their son, they would dedicate him to God's service. Their prayers were answered, and Ernie made a complete recovery. Soon after returning from the hospital, Ernie asked his mother one day  "Mom, when I grow up, can I travel and sing for Jesus?" She knew then that God had something in special for her son,

It was through his friend George that Ernie also met the love of his life, his wife Lisa, who was George's daughter. With Lisa's help, Ernie run The  office and manages the daily affairs of Signature Sound. The two also love to read, often sitting on their deck and reading together. "A preacher friend told me a long time ago that if you want to lead, you have to read," Ernie relates. "I have notes and books all over the place. When I speak on stage, I often find these little nuggets of wisdom that I've read creeping into my speaking." They also love to get away to Chicago, enjoy a great meal, do a little shopping and spend quality time together.


Noblemen in his senior year of high school. The principal call Ernie to his office The first thing come to his mind was I got caught ding some prank, But Principal Raymond had a gospel quartet called Noblemen Quartet. Ernie spend the next hour --- missing class & listening to gospel songs. Mr. Raymond ask Ernie would he like to sing with them & of course He said Yes!

He sang with the Noblemen for about three years while he was attending college on a baseball scholarship. After he left the group He sing with a ensemble called Earthlight from Oakland city Indiana. That were Scott Fowler & Ernie cross paths. Both was about 21 years old at the time.

The next group Ernie was with was DMB Band Now called Dixie Melody Boys, Yes Ed O'Neal's group. Ernie was in the group for about 2 months, He was to Southern Gospel for them, They was more Progressive Country style. 

While with the DMB Band were Ernie meet Squire Parsons. Ernie tried out for his group. Redeemed & Squire took him under his wings . Help Ernie as a artist & a Christian. Ernie had a poster of The Cats in his bunk on the bus, Squire know that was Ernie dream job singing with The Cats Ernie went back to his old College in Oakland City in 1990. Ernie was invited to a open for The Cats. The president Murray wanted be to come back & help with Earthlight, as well help to recruit students. Dr. Murray few Ernie in to sing two songs that night, Ernie sang "Amen" & "O What A Savior". The next week Ernie got a call from George Younce. George told Ernie He knock his hat in the creek, George explain it was a Old North Carolina phrase  The next week Ernie was in Stow Ohio

Ernie began singing professionally in 1986, at the young age of 21, when he joined the gospel group, "Redeemed", headed by singer/songwriter Squire Parsons.  Redeemed toured extensively throughout the US and Canada as a respected talented group of young men.  It was then that Ernie realized his calling as a full time traveling evangelist, singing and proclaiming the Good News!

In 1990, Ernie joined Southern Gospels most elite and prestigious quartet, The Cathedrals.  Being tenor for that group earned Ernie a handful of awards, and placed him not only on thousands of stages throughout the land, but instantly gave him a special place in the hearts of thousands of gospel music a role model to the young, and as a torch-bearer of traditional gospel music to the aged.

When the Cathedrals decided to retire in 1999, Ernie felt the Lord leading him into full time solo work.  His concert calendar for 2000 was already filling up months before the groups time of ministry had even ended- an obvious sign that the Lord was already faithfully carving a road for His son to travel on.

In 1999, Ernie created the E-team, a free internet newsletter that his listeners can subscribe to by going to his website  To date, he has over 13,000 members that he sends testimonies, devotions, and on the road updates to.  He also sends his concert itinerary from month to month, which has greatly increased the size of his audiences.  This has been a surprisingly great success for witnessing to the masses and keeping in touch with the folks that come to his concerts.  A personal touch that Ernie masters.

Ernie recently called on his E-team to help him with the recording of his newest project, Songs Of The Savior.  Last year, he asked his E-team to email him their favorite songs, hymns and southern classics.  Songs Of The Savior is the synopsis of their favorites.

Also included on Songs Of The Savior is a song written by Gospel Legend (and Ernies father-in-law) George Younce.  "I have always loved this song. It is one of the songs that I included as a personal favorite" states Haase.  This project was released to the public on September 13, 2001, just two days after the terrorist attack on America.  Haase describes that week: " I was at the National Quartet Convention when it all happened.  That was a hard week.  I had to sing that night, but didn'tt feel like singing at all!  I looked down at my new CD that had just arrived and saw the song "Yesterday".  That was the first song I sang that night.  The song is over 30 years old, but the message is timeless.

Yesterday things were different
Today theyre different again.
Jesus will never change
Jesus is always the same!

Haase testifies that this song is bringing comfort and hope to those who hear it in the midst of this rapidly changing world.



Although Ernie Haase is the Founder of the recently formed Signature Sound Quartet, many will remember him as the last tenor singer of The Cathedral Quartet. For 10 years Ernie sang with his "Dream Quartet" The Cathedrals. After the retirement of the group in 1999, Ernie had a successful solo career along with filling in for the Old Friends Quartet. Having his own group is merely an extension of what he has already been doing. If you speak any at all to Ernie you will hear him bring up the "Team" spirit that he missed the most about being a soloist. This is what Ernie and all the guys are asking the Lord to do with the Signature Sound Quartet. Together they want to do more for Gospel Music, and for the work of building a Kingdom for the one they sing about.

Name Meaning
Haase meaning hare
Dutch, German, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle Dutch, Middle High German hase, German Hase ‘hare’, hence a nickname for a swift runner or a timorous or confused person, but in some cases perhaps a habitational name from a house distinguished by the sign of a hare. As a Jewish name it can also be an ornamental name or one of names selected at random from vocabulary words by government officials when surnames became compulsory. variant of Haas.

Raymond meaning is protecting hands.

Gender: Masculine
Usage: English, French
Pronounced: RAY-mund (English), ray-MAWN (French)
From the Germanic name Reginmund, composed of the elements ragin "advice" and mund "protector". This was the name of several (mostly Spanish) saints, including Saint Raymond Nonnatus, the patron of midwives and expectant mothers, and Saint Raymond of Peñafort, the patron of canonists. English and French: of Norman origin, derived from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements ragin advice, decision + mund protector. It dropped out of use, but was revived in the middle of the 19th century, together with several other given names of Anglo-Saxon and Norman Germanic origin. Cognates: Irish: Réamann (Gaelic); Redmond (Anglicized). German: Rei(n)mund, Raimund. Italian: Raimondo. Spanish: Ramón, Raimundo. Portuguese: Raimundo. Short form: English: Ray. Raymond has 19 variant forms

meaning is serious; determined; sincere.
Gender: Masculine
Usage: English
Pronounced: UR-nest
Derived from Germanic eornost meaning "seriousness". The American author and adventurer Ernest Hemingway was a famous bearer of this name. Also, this name was used by Oscar Wilde in his comedy 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.English: of Germanic origin, derived from the Old High German vocabulary word eornost seriousness, battle (to the death). The name was introduced into England in the 18th century by followers of the Hanoverian Elector who became George I of England. A variant spelling Earnest has arisen from the modern English adjective earnest, which is only distantly connected with the name. Cognates: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese: Ernesto. German: Ernst Czech: Arnost. Hungarian: Ernö. Short form: English: Ern. Pet form: English: Ernie. Ernest has 6 variant forms

Psalm 68:25 
 The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.


Rose & Tim Duncan Dollywood Oct 2004

Rose & Brian Free Dollywood Oct 2004

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