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Male-Haase, Ernie Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Nom 2007 Singing News Fan Awards
Tenor-Haase, Ernie Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Nom 2007 Singing News Fan Awards
Album-Get Away Jordan Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Nom 2007 Singing News Fan Awards
Group of the Year-Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Nom 2007 Singing News Fan Awards
Male-Haase, Ernie Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Nom 2007  SGN  Diamond Awards
Ernie Haase
Favorite Tenor
Won 2005 The Southern Gospel Music Awards Won
Ernie Haase
Favorite Tenor
WON 2005 Singing News Fan Award WON
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
New Artist of the Year
won 2004 Harmony Honors Awards won
Signature Sound Quartet
Horizon Group of the Year
WON 2003 Singing News Fan Award WON
Ernie Haase
Favorite Tenor
WON 2003 Singing News Fan Award WON
Ernie Haase &
Signature Sound Quartet
avorite Male Quartet.
Nom 2005

The SGM fanfair and Gospel News  Nominated

Ernie Haase &
Signature Sound Quartet
Stand By Me LIVE  Favorite Video
Nom 2005 The SGM fanfair and Gospel News  Nominated
Ernie Haase &
Signature Sound Quartet
avorite Male Quartet.
Nom 2005 Singing News Fan Awards
Ernie Haase
Favorite Tenor
Nom 2005 The Singing News Fan Awards"
Ernie Haase
Favorite Tenor
Nom 2005 The SGM fanfair and Gospel News  Nominated
Ernie Haase
Favorite Tenor
Nom 2004 Singing News Fan Award NOMINATED
Ernie Haase
Nom 2002 Singing News Fan Award NOMINATED
The Cathedrals
"Farewell Celebration"


Singing News Fan Award WON
The Cathedrals
Faithful -
Male Quartet
James D. Vaughn Impact Award
Accepted By Scott Fowler, Ernie Haase,Roger Bennett & Glenn Payne's Wife Vann Payne
Southern Gospel Recorded Song  The Blood Cried Out; Never Alone;  Ernie Haase; Jeff Steele, Amy Keefer; Daywind Nom 2002 DOVE AWARD  NOMINATED

"He Made A Change"; Faithful;
 The Cathedrals; Joel Lindsey, Ernie Haase; Homeland

Signature Sound Quartet
New Artist
Nom 2004 Harmony NOMINATED
Signature Sound Quartet
Artist of the Year

2002 & 2004

Ernie Haase
Male Vocalist of the Year
Nom 2002 Harmony NOMINATED
Lari Gross
Producer of the Year
Nom 2004 Harmony NOMINATED
Signature Sound Quartet
New Artist of the Year
Nom 2002 Harmony NOMINATED
Ernie Haase 
Southern Gospel Recorded Song  
Never Alone, Ernie Haase, Jeff Steele, Amy Keefer, Daywind;

Cathedrals; Roger Bennett; Homeland

WON 2000


Special Event Album of the Year  All Star Hymns
Greater Vision, Gold City, Perrys, Brian Free & Assurance, Cumberland Quartet, Nelons, LordSong, Mike Bowling, Paynes, Southern Brothers, Hoskins Family, Ernie Haase, Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet

Nom 2002


Special Event Album of the Year NQC Live;
Gold City, Greater Vision, The Freemans, Brian Free, The Steeles, The Perrys, The Nelons, Ernie Haase, Dove Brothers Quartet, The Cathedrals, The Hoppers, The Bishops, Ivan Parker; Todd Payne, Ed Leonard; Daywind Records

Nom 2001


Long Form Music Video  We Will Know Joy;
Greater Vision, Gold City, The Perrys, The Nelons, LordSong, Sandra Payne, Brian Free, Ernie Haase, The Cumberland Quartet, The Paynes, Southern Brothers, Amber Thompson; Wayne Haun, Norman Holland, Crystal Burchette; Russ Hall; Daywind Records

Nom 2001


Nashville Now Turning Point with Dr David Jeremiah
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley  Life Today
The Statler Brothers Show Gaither Homecoming videos
Prime Time Country Love Worth Finding with Dr. Adrian Rodgers
The INSP Network Billy Graham Crusade
Swans Place CBA and NRB conventions
Solid Gospel Radio Network  DJ NBCs The Today Show
100 Huntley Street  

Ernie Favorite Pastors to Listen to:

I have many preacher friends but one who really has been there for me and blesses my heart is Rev Rodney James from Tulsa, OK. Some Mondays I'll call and say, "What did you preach on yesterday?" And Rodney will take off and give me a 10 minute sermon.  I also find great wisdom from taped "TIVO" sermons at home. Rev Joel Olsteen, Rev Adrian Rogers, Rev Charles Stanley & Rev John Hagee are the ones I watch most

Ernie Favorite Pastor of all time:

Rev Billy Graham, Rev Charles Stanley, Rev Phil Hoskins, Rev Adrian Rogers, Rev Johnny Hunt & my pastor who has gone to be with the Lord the late Rev J. Howard Clayman.

Long term goals for SSQ

Long term goals are real simple.
1. Finish faithful to the Lord
2. And to our wives.

Other smaller goals (or dreams) are like these...............
Record great music that will outlive us

Be nice to everyone we meet...showing the love of Christ.

Take care of our bodies so that when we're 64 we can still sing "WELL" and still be able to "Dance" and play "Basketball!"

Sing "Stand By Me" & "Oh What A Savior" on the Tonight Show.

(you can email or mail the Tonight Show to request them to have SSQ on. The addresses are:

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
3000 W. Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523

Make George proud!

Lyrics that touch Ernie's soul:

It depends on what I am feeling emotionally at the time but right now the lyric.... "Yes I Know"  "Come Ye sinner lost and lonely, Jesus blood can make you clean, for he saved the worst among you, when he saved a wretch like me."  and , "Loving God, Loving Each Other" Both Gaither Vocal Band Songs. Right now in the body of Christ we need to be reminded we are one and we are all sinners.

How do you get your hair to stand up like that?

We use a straight iron. I have to! My hair is very wavy.

How did each of the guys become a part of Signature Sound?

When I was doing solo work (back when the Cats had just retired) I did a date in Franklin , OH at the Franklin, OH First Baptist Church. A regional group called “Light House” opened up for me.

The lead singer was our Doug, Roy (Playing the piano) and David Griffith (Our bus driver/ sound man) was singing bass. I leaned over and told Lisa that night as Light House sang, “If I ever start a group I am calling Doug.”

Something about his voice moved me that night. As time went buy I got Light House booked on some of my solo dates and I would ride with them on their bus. I found out those couple of weekends together that not only was Doug a great singer but that Roy was very funny and talented. I also slept like a baby …… I knew that David was a wonderful driver and could fix anything and run any sound system. We had some changes in the group and I knew that Roy would fit our personality just perfect, and he has!

When we had to find a new lead singer I knew where to look also. Ryan Seaton is from my hometown of Evansville, IN. He called me about once a month asking for advice and how to get in the business. He sent me demo’s of his current singing and each time I heard what I thought was the tools to be a “power” lead singer. When we made the change we listened to many but Ryan fit our sound and personality. (He played basketball)

When we hired Tim he was looking for a job. When we started the group I knew the bass part would be the most “picky” part for me to find and be happy with after singing with George all these years. When I heard Tim I knew he had the tools. He sang very low and had “cut” to his voice (Which is very important) If he could sing a lead and not just “growl” I knew He had the job.

He sang “The Old Rugged Cross” in an upper key that showed off the “Money” part of his voice. We still sing that song most every night. You never see a bass singer get a standing ovation on a low note but night after night (After Tim has hit many a great low notes) He sings this old hymn without hitting one loud low note and 95% of the time stands them to their feet. Tim has come a long way ………… In fact we all have. God has brought this group together and looking back one can see (I sure can) the faithful hand of our Lord guiding and leading all the way.

The best is yet to come!!

If you could pick only one, what song has had the biggest impact on your  life or your Christian walk, and why?

It would have to be "Oh What A Savior" Many reasons but here are two .......First, that song single handily got me the job with the Cats. I opened up for the Cats in 1990 and sang that song. Roger Bennett played and Mark Trammel played bass for me. George and Glen heard me sing it and I got a call the next week and got offered the job.

Second, That songs allows me to emote what I feel in my heart of hearts. "To Save a poor lost soul like me.................... Oh What A Savior!"  I sing this to my Lord all the time. I love this song and I love to sing it. Everyone who has sung this song knows the power of the lyric and the way it moves you as a singer.

I thank God for this song and the influence it has had professionally and personally on my life.

In a movie of your life,
who would play you? And do you have any idea who would play Doug, Roy

Who would play me in a movie of my life? I guess I would have to pick someone most people would know so that when I say their name you all would think about it. Like if I said Bob Smith next door cause he looks like me ….. then that would not mean anything to you.

Hum, let me see …….. hard question. Maybe Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) when he was young. Not now though, he is to old. So he is out.

How about Jay Leno ……. We have the same chin and both like to cut up a bunch but then again he is a little older and that would not work.

How about Gerald Wolfe? No, that will not work either. He can sing high but he is a little “vertically” challenged and his hair i
s to perfect.

Wow! This is hard!!!!

I guess I will have to go with George Clooney.
He is close to my age and height and plus Lisa thinks he is a hunk. So, that would have to be my choice however he is going to have to dye his hair of all that gray and loose the “OH Brother Where Art Thou” twang and pinch the tones up a little higher.

As for the other two guys (Doug and Roy) that’s simple to answer.

Without a doubt I would choose Brad Pitt to play Doug. Same size and look.

And for Roy without a question I would this person who I think Roy looks exactly like …….. Janet Reno! Fun Question

If you could no longer sing, what type of work would you want to do?
(Besides be a professional basketball player, that is.)

I have not thought about it very much but I can think of a few things that I would like to do besides play in the NBA.....................
UPS driver/deliver man

Work for a large church and do nothing but visit kids and old people in the hospital.

Live in Chicago, IL (Downtown) and have my own men's clothing store and be able to talk to people everyday.

Whatever I would do you can bet it would involve being around people and sharing the light of the world with them.

Question By Jaeter_com

Does anyone know what the gold ring that Ernie wears on his left hand is from? Was it a Cathedrals thing or an award of some sort? Any ideas?

Answer By Ernie
That is true ..... the guys bought it for me for Christmas awhile back ..... it does not say anything but they thought it looked like a "Chammpionship" ring that players receive when they win the NBA finals.

I always talk about "Let's win tonight!" and after our first video the guys said it felt like a Final championship game ....... they just thought it "symbolized" what I have been teaching them.

I where it with pride!

Then, on certain occasions I wear on my left pinky finger I ring that George gave me.

I guess you can say everything I do "seems" to have a special meaning to me these days.

I have always been that way ...... when I was playing sports in High school .... I would put my uniform on the same way every time. I still do this everynight on the bus .... I put m
y suit on the same way. (Pre Game Jitters)

Big Question

Back in the 1990's we (The Cathedrals) would always do a big day in Lenoir (The George Younce Homecoming) this was always a great
We would have a Golf Tournament and a big grill out and then we would sing that night for about 4 hours.......
it really was a great time.  Lenoir, NC was the place where we recorded our "Camp meeting Live
Video" under a big 5 thousand seat tent.
Lenoir is also a very special place for Lisa and I ....... On the 18th green of the Golf tournament I had George's brother
(Brudge ... who  still lives in Lenoir) put the engagement ring in the cup when he  removed the flag...... after we had all putted in .....
I asked Lisa to  put the flag
back in the cup.
(This was when she was still crazy in  love with me and would do anything I asked .... now she would not even  ride with me in golf cart must lest put the flag in the cup) When she  put the flag in she
noticed the little box picked it up and I got on my  knees and asked the

Lisa never had a clue it was coming .......
there were people all  around
the green with cameras and video cameras waiting for the big Q. 
I'm glad she said yes!

After that day George got a lot of mileage out of this joke ........ He
would say.... "The other day Lisa came to me and said Daddy, I never  knew
what true love was until I married Ernie ....... And then it was  too

Well,  I just wanted you all to know about this special date.  We truly
hope to keep this date and make it an annual event.
You know me ..... I love "Surprises!"  I am trying to put a few things
together just to make this special and to honor George.

Ernie's Grilled Chicken

Chicken Almond Casserole

Ernie's Grilled Chicken

1/2 Cup Ketchup 3 teaspoon Brown Sugar
3Tablespoons Cider Vingar 1 Tablespoon Horseradish
1 Clove Garlic (minced) 1 Teaspoon Black Pepper
1 Teaspoon Thyme 4  Chicken Breast (Skinless Boneless Halves)

Preheat the grill to medium ( until white ash form on the charcoal) in a saucepan combine all of the ingredients expect the Chicken Beast & Broil to boil over medium-low heat, Stirring frequently for 5 minutes until thickened Brush the Chicken Breast with the Sauce & grill sauce side down on grill rack ( or Boil in a broiler pan lined with foil,) About 3 inches from the heat source. Brush the Top side of the Chicken Breast with sauce. Continue turning the Chicken & Basting with the remaining sauce for 5 to 7 minutes, Until the Chicken Breast is no longer pink in the center Serves 4

Chicken Almond Casserole

1 Cup Boiled Chopped Chicken 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup 1 Chopped Hardboiled Eg
1 Cup Chopped Celery 1/2 Cup Toasted Silvered Almonds
1 Teaspoon Minced Onion 1/2 cup Crushed Potato Chips

Combine ingredients with exception of the Potato Chips. Place casserole mixture into an 8 X8 greased pan or 6 individual-sizes greased casserole dishes. Top mixture with Potato Chips & bake at 350 Degrees for 20 Minutes  Serves 6

The story behind the Recipe

Ernie confuses. I am definitely not a cook. I have never really had to cook, so I've just never learned. I do, however, love great cooking! I live in Stoa, Ohio, Which is also where my wife Lisa family, The Younces, live. To be honest, none of us cook. No one in the entire family, with the exception of my wife's sister, Dana can cook. I'm not really sure how she learned, but somehow she did. Momma D, as we affectionately call her, is  George Younce's second Daughter, & she is a fantastic cook. Unfortunately, she lives in Atlanta Georgia Area & we really don't get to enjoy her wonderful cooking as much we would like. Needles to say, we love it when Momma D comes home. Since George hasn't been feeling well throughout the past few years. Dana has come home quite often. When she does, she loves cooking good country meals for her dad. The rest of us just reap the benefits.

This recipe for Chicken Almond Casserole is one of my favorite dishes that Dana cooks. With all the Younce around one  table, you can her there is a lot of love & laughter aw we all enjoy Dana's good home cooking. We're made some great memories around wonderful food prepared by Dana, & this recipe is just one of her many wonderful dishes.

Psalm 68:25 
 The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.


Rose & Tim Duncan Dollywood Oct 2004

Rose & Brian Free Dollywood Oct 2004

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