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Nov 4 2005

2005's 25 Most Fascinating Individuals in Southern Gospel SGN

2005 was a good year for Southern Gospel. The growth of the genre has continued its upward spike thanks to expanding genre borders and an updated look. But who were this year's biggest noise makers? Who ruffled the feathers and got the industry talking? SGN wants to take a look at the 25 Most Fascinating Individuals in Southern Gospel in 2005. For the complete list go to  SGN

The Top 3 Are:

Mark Lowry - Mark started the year out with some buzz, most notably on his God Is Crazy About You! Tour with LordSong & Stan Whitmire, but didn't until recently get people talking. Recently diagnosed with MS, Lowry has been an inspiration to many people with his upbeat thoughts and constant positive attitude.

Kim Collingsworth - Matriarch to up-and-coming group the Collingsworth Family, Kim came out of nowhere and totally knocked the socks off the National Quartet Convention with her performance at Roger Bennett's Pianorama. One couldn't even get down the aisle where Collingsworth's booth was. The future looks very bright for this talented lady.

Ernie Haase - He's still got it after all this time, and his group is one of the hottest to hit Southern Gospel in a long time. His unique approach to stage performance and the recent marketing blitz for his group's new project has kept this guy on the mind of many people this year.
For the complete list go to

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Nov 24 2005

NEW BOOK FROM  "30 Days To Harmony With God"

The new devotional book called "30 Days To Harmony With God" by Ernie Haase and Tori Taff is available now. Tori offers this brief overview of the work: "I collaborated with Ernie on a 30-day devotional book to be released in conjunction with the new SSQ project. There are ten songs on the cd, and we took each lyric, or sometimes just a line of a lyric, and kind of used that as a jumping off point to wrap a thought around for each day's devotional. We got three devotional pieces out of each song. Ernie sent me some of his ideas and we also drew from some things he had written down and used on his website." 

Ernie shares: "I have for a few years now been writing my thoughts and experiences into a devotional type internet newsletter to our 'E-Team' subscribers. When the Gaither company approached me about putting my thoughts down into a devotional book it struck a chord with me right away. To be able to share how the Lord has worked in my life with others in this format is new and exciting to me."

Tori also said that anyone who has ever seen SSQ in concert or spoken to Ernie personally can attest to the fact that he's a genuinely nice guy. She says there is also a spiritual depth and integrity to him that is just as genuine. In Tori's words: "He walks the walk.  Ernie had the opportunity to spend some of his most formative years on the road with George Younce, and the influence his father-in-law (and hero) had on him has been profound. Working with Ernie on this book was a pleasure for me as a writer because he brought so much to the table. His insights into scripture and ability to use his personal experiences to encourage others made this book more than just a 'nice little addition' to the new cd-- I truly believe that God can use it to change lives."

Ernie Haase adds that he hopes the devotional books will find their way into the hearts and lives of all who read. "I pray that the peace of God that has taken me through so many steps in my life will translate and become an inspiration to all."

"30 Days To Harmony With God"

Go to SSQ Website Clink Link Below to buy it
Ernie Hasse & Signature Sound  
The cost is $12.95 Plus S & H



Nov 18 2005

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound - Self Titled CD & DVD

5 Star
Gaither Music Group
Lari Goss
CD Song Titles:
Shout Brother Shout, Trying To Get A Glimpse, Godspeed, Then Came The Morning, Do You Want To Be Forgiven, This Old Place, If This Is What God Wants, Forgiven Again, Godspeed (Reprise
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound (DVD)

Gaither Gospel Series
Executive Producers:
Bill Gaither, Barry Jennings, Bill Carter
Producers: Bill Gaither, Ernie Haase
DVD Song Titles:
Glory To God In The Highest, Stand By Me, Shout Brother Shout, Lead Me Guide Me, I’m Telling The World About His Love, Trying To Get A Glimpse, Forgiven Again, Do You Want To Be Forgiven, On My Way On My Own, Will The Lord Be With Me, Happy Rhythm, Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand, Farther Along, This Old Place, Godspeed, Then Came The Morning, Where No One Stands Alone, Oh! What A Time, This Could Be The Dawning Of That Day, Tribute to George Younce, What A Savior, Stand By Me/Glory To God In The Highest

Other Comments:

These are two great offerings by
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.
I liked the DVD better because
I love seeing the energy these
guys put into every song they sing.
Great job, Guys!!!

When it comes to ratings,
I’m going to do something
I’ve never done before.
I give both projects… 5 Stars!!!

To read this FULL review go to:
SGN 5 *****stars

Shout Brother, Shout:
 is a fast upbeat song.

Trying To Get A Glimpse:
 It is one of my favorite cuts on this CD.
It uplifting.
Tim you are perfect on this song
Can't wait to hear it in concert.

All I can say about this song is excellent.... it suits SSQ well.

Then Came The Morning:
It is a slow song about Easter morning
Doug you are doing a great job.

Do You Want To Be Forgiven
This the first single of the cd

This Old Place :
Ernie sings lead.
It is a good song for him,
It is better in concert than on the cd.
I love this song

If This is What God Wants:
This song is a Isaac's sacrificing  his son
Tim sings lead.
 It is a beautiful song

Pray For Me:
Ryan sings lead with
The guys backing him up
It is a bluesy song.
It suites Ryan voice well
It is first-class.
The song is superb
One of my favorite live songs.

Goodbye Egypt (hello Canaan Land):
Ernie & Tim are great on this song. It a wonderful song

Forgiven Again:
This a slow song.
Doug sings lead.
It is the last


 Overall this cd is a must for any
southern gospel collection.
I also thank a lot of
non-southern gospel fans
will enjoy this one too.
If you have a chance to see them in concert you need to go you will be blessed.

Great job Guys !You are the Best in Music Today Godspeed

Higher Ground Baptist Church

Nov 14 2005

Of the concert is up go
Higher Ground

For more Pics go to


Nov 3 2005

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Strike Responsive Chord With  New Video and Audio Projects Nashville, TN (11-2-05) 

New projects from
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound,
their first for
Gaither Music Group,
earned the high-energy group
their best-ever debut
week on the Billboard charts.
Not only did their self-titled
video debut at #3 on the
Music Video chart,
but their self-titled CD
debuted at #6 on the
Contemporary Christian Chart
and #91 on the Top 200,
their first appearance on
any of these Billboard charts.

Response from SSQ founder,
Ernie Haase, was
immediate and predictable:
"Whoop! Whoop!"
he replied. "We're all counting
our blessings at the news,
but there's a part of me that's
so quiet and humbled that
God has blessed us so richly.
This totally justifies my
conviction four years ago
that God had great plans
for me in the quartet world.
It's truly a wonderful day."

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
appear at Bill & Gloria Gaither's
annual Praise Gathering
this weekend in Indianapolis &
continue touring with
the Gaither 10th Anniversary
Homecoming Tour through
the end of the year.

Ernie, Ryan, Doug, Tim,
Roy, & David

Oct  31 2005


The Southern Gospel Music Awards

Favorite Tenor
Ernie Haase

Oct 22 2005

National Day Of PrayerErnie said in a Chat

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
National Day Of Prayer
May 4th 2006
ON May 4th, 2006
They are going to sing at
The National Day of Prayer
Capital, Pentagon &
The White House

Sept 15 2005

"The Singing News Fan Awards 2005" Congratulations

 ErnieErnie Haase favorite -tenor
Singing News Tenor of the year 2005

Aug 27 2005

SSQ New Video Gaithernet
Pre Order at
Release Date: October 25, 2005  Thanks: erniefan for the info

It doesn't release until October, but the online store is now accepting preorders for the brand new Gaither Music Group video release featuring Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. And you won't believe this... but...the guys have agreed to personally autograph every single copy that is preordered! So if you want yours autographed, preorder it here. You will also notice that the video will be accompanied by the group's brand new CD, also due for October release. The CD is an entirely new project, not just the audio of the video... so there's lots of great new music on it you don't want to miss.
Members can also check out clips from the video in our exclusive online preview now available in GaitherNet Multimedia!

Video overview... read on and find out what to expect! Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Move
Into Big Leagues With New CD and DVD
By Judi Turner

Perhaps no other group is exciting southern gospel audiences today like Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Their vibrant sound, while paying homage to the great quartets of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, is fresh and contemporary and sparkles with the unbridled energy that has become their hallmark. Although they have been performing as a group for almost three years, their career really kicked into high gear when they acquired a powerful mentor--Bill Gaither. Not only did Bill find a regular spot for Signature Sound on his popular Homecoming concert tour and videos, where they quickly became fan favorites, but he also signed them to his Gaither Music Group label. They are releasing their first CD with GMG this month as well as a special concert DVD. They’re busy touring with the Homecoming tour as well as playing solo dates, but they still manage to fit in their favorite pastime: playing basketball.

You can’t spend much time around Ernie and the guys without the subject turning to basketball. For them, quartet singing is the ultimate team sport, and they prepare for their stage performances as if each was a basketball game. Ernie, founder of the high-octane gospel group and the veteran tenor for The Cathedrals as well as a life-long basketball player, is the coach and team leader who wrote the playbook for Signature Sound according to his vision of what a great gospel-singing group should be and chose his team members for the strengths they would bring to their specific position. He wanted a quartet that, just like a basketball team, played together. “When you take five guys who work real hard and believe in each other and are philosophically on the same page, you become a force to be reckoned with.”

On the Signature Sound team, just like on the basketball court, every man plays his part. The point guard is baritone Doug Anderson, who actually played basketball at Purdue University. Ernie describes lead singer Ryan Seaton as the assist man. “I may score with ‘Oh What A Savior’ or ‘This Could Be The Dawning,’ but if Ryan was not singing under me—assisting me with his big lead voice—then I don’t think it would have the same impact and maybe not score with the audience.”

The man with the big voice, Tim Duncan, Ernie describes as the little man of the team. “He reminds me of Mugsey Boggs,” Ernie laughs. “He was so small, yet he could dunk the ball and everyone wanted to see the little man dunk. People come to hear our little man dunk those low, low notes.” Piano player and resident funnyman, Roy Webb, is the group’s rebounder. “I can count on Roy’s quick wit to rebound the program if it gets a little stale,” Ernie points out. “You can have a lot of scorers on your team, but if you don’t have a rebounder, then you can never score enough.”

Ernie calls himself the “player coach” after one of the greatest who ever played basketball. “Back in the ‘90s when Magic Johnson made a comeback, he played and coached,” he outlines. “I look at myself as that kind of guy. When I’m home, I become the general manager of the team, handling all the business affairs of the team.”

The 10-year veteran of one of the greatest quartets in gospel music, the Cathedrals, Ernie wanted a group that was all 21st Century in image and attitude but whose stage performance and material borrowed liberally from the great groups of the mid-20th Century, such as the legendary Statesmen. “I think what people see in us that they also saw in the Statesmen is five guys who love what they do and have fun doing it,” he says.

In addition to a love for basketball, which was a pre-requisite for Ernie’s team, the members shared a vision for their image – spiked hair, big-knotted, short ties and infectious, high-energy shows. “We are who we are,” he explains. “I tell people all the time, ‘different hair/same heart.’ We’re just being ourselves. We may grow up one day, but not anytime soon.”

Their first GMG CD is self titled and features a tip of the hat to the great gospel groups of the past with songs such as “Tryin’ To Get A Glimpse” and “Shout Brother Shout,” recorded by The Cathedrals and The Statesmen respectively. The great Gaither-penned “Then Came The Morning” gets a special Signature Sound treatment, as does the Gloria and Benjy Gaither song “Forgiven Again.”

Bill also produced a full-length concert video and television special on the group, which showcases their fast-paced stage show as well as their humorous side. “This video is our launching pad,” Ernie proclaims. “We have the greatest message, and I want to share it with the world, and Bill Gaither has given us that opportunity.” The video features a number of songs sure to be favorites of true southern gospel fans, because Tim Duncan’s deep bass voice carries the lead on “Glory To God In The Highest” and “Stand By Me.”

Electricity is in the air when Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is joined by the Gaither Vocal Band on “Oh! What A Time.” The Vocal Band, Russ Taff and Lynda Randle are special guests on the DVD, which also features a moving tribute to George Younce.

Bill Gaither is effusive in his praise for the group: “I wasn’t convinced that a young group could authentically capture the essence of the old gospel quartet sound, but Ernie Haase and Signature Sound have done it! Their youthful energy and wonderful spirit, combined with that great classic quartet sound, leaves our audiences wanting more.”

If you want more Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, both the CD and the DVD are available October 25th at retail outlets and Christian bookstores nationwide, by logging onto
Gaithernet  or  by phoning toll free 1-800-955-8746.

Aug 26 2005

New Ernie Hasse & Signature Sound Video Pre Order at Gaithernet Release Date: October 25, 2005 

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Gaither Gospel Series
Perhaps no other group is exciting southern gospel audiences today like Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Their vibrant performance, while paying homage to the great quartets of the '40's, '50's and '60's, is contemporary and sparkles with the unbridled energy that has become their hallmark. The concert, taped on campus at Anderson University, features special guests The Gaither Vocal Band, Russ Taff and Lynda Randle and promises to propel the group to a new level of popularity. Songs include: "This Could Be The Dawning," "Then Came The Morning," "Tryin' To Get A Glimpse" and "Shout Brother Shout." This package contains the group's brand new self-titled studio CD.

Aug 25 2005

Catherdrals Bus Sold to The group Forgiven

Here's a story from Ernie Haase.

I am happy for you guys that you have the old Cats bus. I am also very happy that it seems to have found a home with someone who really "appreciates" the history of the bus.

My sister in law Dana "Younce" Willis got a call yesterday about this thread. She printed it and faxed it to me with a circle around the Bubble gum reference. She thought I'd better explain.....

I cannot tell a lie ..... it was I!

Here is the story ......

They use to keep the bus so cold at night I could not sleep. There are little "Cracks" in the bunk area and the air would billow through and blow on my face keeping me awake.

One night I went to bed and forgot to throw away the bubble gum I was chewing. As most things work in my life ..... "off the cuff" I took the gum and stuck it in the crack. After about three or four nights of that the gum took care of the problem.

I know it is not "attractive" but that is the story.

Buy the way ...... there was a picture that I had hanging on the wall of George and Glen that we took down when we changed to our new bus. I was thinking ..... it would be nice if you all had it. I'd like to give it to you.

You can e-mail my secretary at and give her an address and I'll get that to you. Since it looks like there will be little "mini" tours happening it only makes sense to have the two "Old Men" hanging where people can see them when the first walk on the bus.

To everyone else on the MB thanks for your kindness to Eh & SS. I wish you all the best!

Thanks Deon and all the Unthanks for your sweet spirit every-time we are around you.

To everyone who has sent a card, letter or e-mail to me and/or the Younce family ........ thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you sounds so small but I pray the Lord will let you know how grateful we are to you.
We are still trying to read all the letters/e-mails that have come in. It has been four months since we had to say goodbye to our beloved George and the pain of our loss is greater now more than ever. We MISS HIM BAD!!!!
Our world revolved around this man.
God is getting us through this and that is the truth. He is getting us "through" this one moment at a time.
I am trying my best to concentrate on what George gained instead of what we lost. Our loss was great but his gain was greater.

God bless you and keep you. The joy of the Lord is our Strength!

With that thought in mind ..... "Make It A Great Day!"


Ernie Haase

Aug 23 2005

Congratulations Ryan & Krista You're Going to have a baby Girl

Your birth, O Jesus, brought much joy
to Joseph and Mary.
Heaven and earth rejoiced to see
new life and hope
upon Your coming.
Truly there is no greater sign of
Gods' immense love for the
world than His love becoming
flesh and dwelling among us.

O Jesus, grant Ryan & Krista,
the grace to have the joy of
Your love becoming flesh.
Grant us the same joy
You have bestowed upon so many.

July 17 2005

 “Cathedral Bus for sale”

Catherdral 1991 Eagle Model 15
12 Bunk Sleeper
For more info & picture goto:

June 2 2005

 Singing News Magazine

SSQ will be on the cover of Singing News Magazine
More info to come
Congratulations guys!

June 2 2005

The SGM fanfair and Gospel News has Nominated

Ernie Haase--favorite tenor
Ryan Seaton--lead
Doug Anderson--Baritone
Tim Duncan--Bass
Signature Sound--as favorite male quartet.
Stand By Me LIVE  Favorite Video

Legend Award--George Younce

Congratulations guys!
Go to this site

June 2 2005


"The Singing News Fan Awards"  Nominated

Ernie Haase favorite tenor
Signature Sound Quartet favorite male quartet.
Congratulations guys!

May 16 2005

Preparing for a new generation The Herald Bulletin

Most of the gospel music heroes that Bill Gaither chose to honor when the Homecoming video series skyrocketed to popularity are gone. But the immensely popular Homecoming Friends concerts continue to pack arenas, and the videos (now predominantly DVDs) still are listed among the top sellers in all fields of music.

And Gaither keeps finding subjects for new video projects. The latest will take place June 3 at Reardon Auditorium as Gaither hosts a video shoot featuring the young and upcoming Signature Sound Quartet.

Ernie Haase, the group’s manager, is no newcomer to Southern gospel. He was a member of the prestigious Cathedrals Quartet and is the son-in-law of the late George Younce, one of the great bass singers of all time. And after the Cathedrals’ retirement, Haase and Younce teamed up with Jake Hess and Wesley Pritchard to tour as the Old Friends Quartet.

The failing health of Younce and Hess took Old Friends off the road, and Haase formed Signature Sound. It has had a local connection from the outset, baritone Doug Anderson, a Lapel High School graduate who now lives in Anderson.

In fact three of the five members are Hoosiers, Haase and lead singer Ryan Seaton both growing up in Evansville. So it should surprise no one that the favorite leisure-time activity of Signature Sound members is playing basketball.

The video shoot, which will be done in front of a sellout crowd, is the second Signature Sound has done in Reardon Auditorium, site of the group’s initial video a couple of years ago. This one, however, will be the first in connection with the Gaither video series.

Young and full of energy, Signature Sound gears its appeal to the younger fans with its choreographed routines and punked hairdos.

Queried about the hairstyles at Gaither’s April Homecoming concert in Indianapolis’ Conseco Field house, Haase quipped, “It’s easy. When you get out of bed in the morning, you just get up and go.”

Prompting guitarist Kevin Williams, who has assumed part of Mark Lowry’s comedy role on the tour, to interject, “Bill’s hair already got up and went.”

During Signature Sound’s stint that night, Haase managed to drag Gaither, who boasts of his two-left-feet image, onstage to dance a jig during the quartet’s signature number, “Stand By Me.”

“There’s a lot of foolishness goes on at those concerts,” Gaither quipped.

Signature Sound is one of the fastest rising groups on the Southern gospel circuit. And with their energy and youthfulness, the level of performance they bring to the gospel stage likely will make them one of the standard-bearers for the coming generation.

May 8 2005

Gaither Music Group Adds Ernie Haase and Signature Sound To Label Family 

Nashville, TN (4-29-05) – Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, one of the most exciting new groups in southern gospel music, has joined the roster of Gaither Music Group. The group’s first GMG release, a self-titled CD, is slated for an October release, and they are taping a video concert special that will be released simultaneously.

Founded by Haase, former tenor singer for the legendary Cathedrals and Old Friends, in 2002, Signature Sound consists of Doug Anderson, Tim Duncan, Ryan Seaton and Roy Webb. In just a short time, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound has become fan favorites, as much for their trademark spiked hair, big-knotted ties and high energy level as their dynamic stage presence, and has already garnered Singing News Fan Awards for both Horizon Group of the Year and Favorite Tenor (Haase). They appear regularly on the Gaither Homecoming tour as well as Gaither Homecoming videos.

“We’re excited, thrilled and humbled just to be connected to a venture that bears Bill Gaither’s name,” Haase remarked. “We feel that God has given us this season, and it’s our time. We’re just going to see what doors He opens, but one thing is for certain; we’re not going to walk through them, we’re going to run, sharing the love of God all the way.”

Bill Gaither, too, expressed his pleasure at signing the group: “I have to admit that initially I wasn’t convinced that a young group could authentically capture the essence of the old gospel quartet sound, but Ernie and Signature Sound have done it! Every time they join us for Homecoming concerts their youthful energy and wonderful spirit, combined with that great classic quartet sound, leaves audiences wanting more! I see nothing but blue skies ahead for these fine young men!”

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound is booked by the Harper Agency.

Photo: Seated: Bill Gaither, Ernie Haase; Standing left to right: Ryan Seaton, Roy Webb, Doug Anderson and GMG President Barry Jennings.


George Younce, Bass Singer of The Cathedral Quartet passed away 4-11-05  George was admired and respected by all in the Gospel Community. He will be missed by his family, friends and fans.
More info is here.


George Health Update & Birthday Wishes


Courier & Press Newspaper Evansville Indiana


George Younce Health Update 2


George Younce Health Update


George Younce News


New Album


Vote for the Diamond Awards at SGN Scoops


Nominees for 2005 SGN Music Awards


Courier & Press Newspaper Evansville In

Worshipful 'Sound'

Evansville stop special for two members of Signature gospel group he name's been changed, but the sound  that glorious, soaring sound is very much the same.

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, one of the top Southern gospel groups in the country, will be singing at Christian Fellowship Church Friday in a concert that is a homecoming for two of the members.

Haase, an Evansville native, grew up in Newburgh and graduated from Castle High School. "We love coming home," Haase said.

"It just feels good. With our schedule as it is, we're never home often enough, so any concert in Evansville is special."

For North Posey High School graduate Ryan Seaton, Evansville still is home, but singing here is "a great feeling."

"I love coming to Evansville to sing more than any place we go. To be around people you know, who've supported you and told you, 'You can do this one day!,' means more than I can say. Looking into the audience and seeing the faces of people you know is a great feeling."

Haase said there's also some humor included in singing "at home."

"In the audience, there will be people who knew me growing up. They know the boneheaded mistakes I made as a kid, and they know it's only through grace that God can use somebody like me in this way."

After Evansville, the two, along with bass Tim Duncan, baritone Doug Anderson and pianist Roy Webb, won't see a lot of familiar faces for a month and a half. But they will see hundreds of people who love their music - and they will log countless hours in a recording studio.

"We'll be on the road the B1 next six weeks," Haase said. "We'll only be home five days in all that time. Although that's exciting, and we love touring and meeting people on the road, we need to be in Nashville (Tenn.) to record a new CD to be released in the fall."

In addition to the nationwide traveling the quartet does on its own, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound are regular participants in the hugely successful Bill Gaither Homecoming concerts. "We get home (to Evansville) with Bill's Homecoming every 16 months," Haase said.

"That's a great talent showcase, and great for Signature Sound. It's absolutely as much fun (onstage) as it looks."

Seaton loves the Gaither dates, but said it took some time to get used to the second-half format of each show, when all the singers - several dozen of them, from soloists to groups - take the stage together and mix it up, singing whenever they feel like it. "We've actually gotten the privilege to sing with the Gaither Vocal Band," Seaton said. "Singing 'Holy Highway' with them is an amazing experience.

"Sometimes I'll stop and think, 'I'm singing next to Guy Penrod! And he knows my name!' He's so genuine, such a nice guy. I can't believe I'm blessed enough to stand there and sing with him!" Haase said that having done coliseum-sized shows with Gaither and huge stadium events with Billy Graham is is gratifying, but that nothing tops "just singing."

"The purity of the music I love so well is what it all comes down to."

He said that when the quartet is in a 12,000-seat arena, and people "are cheering you on like you were The Beatles, you take your show to a level you don't know is in you to do."

"The music we sing is about the Creator. When you do songs thousands of times, you think, 'Lord, how's it going to be fresh, singing these same songs every show. "But somehow he helps us create a new, fresh concert every night. He brings out something special in each of us, and I go into each show with praise and thankfulness and gratitude in my heart."

Seaton and his wife, Krista Collins Seaton, who works in Evansville at South Central Communications, are building a new home, and thanks to Haase's tweaking of the schedule, he'll actually get to spend some time there.

"The normal routine for a Southern gospel quartet is to be out 200 to 230 days a year," Haase said. "With Signature Sounds, we were out 180 days last year, and we'll do 130 dates this year. That keeps us fresh. "And since we're usually out Thursdays through Saturdays, be can be home and in church with our families on Sunday. We're blessed to be able to afford to do that."

Going from admirer to performer in popular group meant following a path from the voice to the heart just how do two kids from Evansville end up performing with and then becoming part of the biggest names in Southern Gospel music?

Ernie Haase, 40, went to Oakland City College, then transferred to Southwest Baptist University.

"I got the call to go on the road, and that's where I've been ever since."

He sang with the renowned Southern gospel quartet The Cathedrals for 10 years (and married leader George Younce's daughter, Lisa). After the group's retirement in 1999, he sang intermittently with the Old Friends Quartet.

He then formed his own group. First it was Signature Sound, then Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.

Seaton, 25, sang in high school. He saw The Cathedrals when he was in high school and "fell in love with them, with their sound," he said.

"I met Ernie that night. I wasn't even saved yet, but I heard them, and it revolutionized my life.

"I don't think the message hit me as much as the four-part harmony. I had no idea I could do something like that."

In fact, his only chance to sing in a quartet had been as part of the Barbershop Quartet in "The Music Man" at North Posey.

"After hearing The Cathedrals, I got their CDs, started singing, and a year later was saved. In January 2003, I auditioned for The Melody Boys out of Arkansas and got the job as the lead singer

"All that time, I was still in touch with Ernie, and he'd call to encourage me to keep singing. Oe I wanted to sing with him, but I wasn't ready then, and he knew it. He saw potential, but knew I had to get some experience. Ernie kept encouraging me to be a sponge, to soak up everything I could, to learn as much as possible."

Less than a year later, Haase needed another tenor - and Seaton was in. "IThe music we sing is about the Creator. When you do songs thousands of times, you think, ILord, how's it going to be fresh, singing these same songs every show?' But somehow he helps us create a new, fresh concert every night." U Ernie Haase
Thanks to C Seaton for the link to this article.


George Younce Update

George went to the doctor for swelling in his left foot and leg. There did a  doppler (ultrasound) on both legs. The test come back George has a blood clot  in his right leg. George was put on Blood Thinners. George should be home yesterday (Friday. Please keep The Younce's in your prayers


 George Younce News

A Note from Ernie Haase... George's son-in-law First, George is doing OK.  Ok is a kind way of saying not to good.  He is
home and resting but just seems to be getting weaker everyday.

Since September last year he has little by little been loosing control of
his legs and hands.  The doctors say this is because of the prolonged use
of the Dialysis machine.  A good day is for him to be able to get out of
bed without falling.  Someone has to be with him all the time.  Between my
wife Lisa and her sister Gina George really never is alone.

His spirits still remain great even though he is confined to his home.  He
is an amazing man!  There are no words for me to describe how I feel about
him.  He is truly a "powerful man" even though he has no physical

Keep him and his girls (Lisa and Gina) in your prayers.

O Lord hear my prayers watch over The Younce Family Keep them safe.
In Jesus Name


 News From Ernie on a New Album

New project that is slated for an early fall release. 
When you pray ask the Lord to let us pick the right songs for all those He knows will be attending our concerts. 
That the Joy we have will be carried out and conveyed in our music.

O Lord watch over Ernie, Tim, Doug, Ryan, Roy, David.
Give them travel mercy, while they are the road,
Keep there family safe at home.
Let them pick songs that we need to hear.
Be there for all the fan travel to see them.
In Jesus Name


The Diamond Awards

Go Vote in the Diamond Awards


Nominees for 2005 SGN Music Awards

(artist, album, song, individual, etc. who has raised the standard in the industry during the year 2004)

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound


Ernie Haase & Signature Sound


Ernie Haase & Signature Sound


Great Love
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Lari Goss


"Stand By Me"
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound


Christmas with
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Lari Goss

Way to go to the SSQ guys!!!!! Voting starts soon

FULL LIST OF Nominee's @

Psalm 68:25 
 The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.


Rose & Tim Duncan Dollywood Oct 2004

Rose & Brian Free Dollywood Oct 2004

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