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9-13-02 Southern Gospel News
Ernie Haase and Garry Jones have announced plans to form a new Southern Gospel quartet. The Signature Sound Quartet will consist of Tim Duncan (bass), Shane Dunlap (lead) and Doug Anderson (baritone), Ernie Haase (tenor) and Garry Jones (piano).
9-17-02 An open letter from Shane Dunlap
Dear friends,

I am writing to let each one of you know how much I have appreciated your love and support over the years. As many of you know, I have accepted the lead singer position with "The Signature Sound Quartet" effective at the first of the year. N'Harmony has always been a part of me and I will always hold a special place in my heart for the group that my father and I started over 10 years ago.

It was an extremely tough decision for me to make, but after my wife Carrie and I prayed about it, and the way that everything happened from the time Ernie and Garry called me until the time I accepted the job, I felt a peace knowing that this is what is best for my family and I at this point in my our lives. I will miss traveling with N'Harmony because it is all that I have ever known, but I know that God has opened the door and we are excited about our future with "The Signature Sound Quartet."

As for the future of N'Harmony, many people have asked what will happen. As I mentioned before, I will be with the guys until December 31. After that, Craig O'Dell (baritone) and Kevin Waters (bass) will assume the co-owner/manager positions. I truly believe in each of the guys in the group and I know that they are going to be great. In the mean time, they will be looking for a replacement for the lead singer position. All serious inquiries should contact N'Harmony via email through our website

keep my family, "N'Harmony," and "The Signature Sound Quartet" in your prayers through this time of transition.

Under His Wings,
Shane Dunlap
 10-2-02  Signature Sound signs with Harper Agency Wednesday 10:27 AM 
(Press Release) - Ed Harper, President of The Harper Agency, one of Christian music's leading booking agencies, recently announced the addition of newly formed quartet, Signature Sound to an exclusive scheduling agreement. Signature Sound, recently organized by fellow Old Friends Quartet alumni, tenor Ernie Haase and pianist Garry Jones, will also feature N' Harmony lead vocalist Shane Dunlap and Anderson, IN, native Doug Anderson, who formerly traveled with Lightouse. Ernie and Garry are still in the process of selecting a bass vocalist. According to Haase, Signature Sound will officially begin their full-time touring schedule the beginning of the new year, with their first official date on January 3. "We are so proud to be with the Harper Agency," Ernie Haase stated, "and we are so glad to have Ed and Jeff Harper and their staff as a part of our team. I personally have a long history with Ed and the Harper Agency through my affiliation with The Cathedrals. Ed and his staff is so efficient, and we have confidence in knowing that he does such an efficient job, which will allow us to focus on what we are called to do, which is deliver good music that presents the message of the Gospel. My partner, Garry Jones, traveled with Gold City for a number of years, and in recent years he has become recognized as one of Southern Gospel Music's most talented producers. So with his production ability, we hope to create a signature sound that God can use to write His love on everyone's heart."

According to Harper, Signature Sound possesses the traits that represent a rich musical heritage, as well as the future of Southern Gospel Music. "Through my long-term association with The Cathedrals, I've known Ernie and worked with him for a number of years," Harper explains. "Additionally, I have also represented Shane Dunlap and N' Harmony for the past several years. I've also known Garry Jones for many years, so I'm very excited about working with each of these individuals as they organize this musical team. Each member has a rich history in the Southern Gospel Music industry, and I believe their future looks even brighter as they begin this new ministry together."

Signature Sound may be scheduled by contacting The Harper Agency at 615-851-4500 or via e-mail at
11-13-02 Signature Sound announces bass singer Wednesday November

Wednesday November 13 2002 - 9:20 AM ET

(Press Release) -

A note from Signature Sound Quartet:

Each day I have continued to start my day with this prayer....."Lord, You lead and You guide. As of two weeks ago we did not have a bass singer.

All of us decided that if we had to start the year as a trio than we would except this as the Lord's leading.

We went into the studio as a "Trio" still looking for a bass singer but planning for the possibilities of not finding the right one before Jan 2003.

On Wednesday of last week, we were singing in the studio (The Border in Franklin, TN) and in walked Tim Duncan. We visited for awhile and then went out for lunch. Tim expressed that he and his wife had rethought their decision and wanted a second chance at the job.

I told Tim that he was the one we had our hearts set on from the beginning and since we had not found our man yet and since he had not found peace with his decision, that we would pray about it.

All of the guys (myself, Garry, Doug, Shane and David) and all our wives feel that the Lord has answered our prayers. He has led us to this place. So, we are happy to say Tim Duncan is our bass singer.

We are ready to move forward and are working real hard to make the Signature Sound Quartet something you would be proud to have in your home.
11/11/02 Southern Gospel News Tim Duncan Joins SSQ
Ernie Haase has announced that Tim Duncan has re-thought his decision to leave Signature Sound Quartet and has asked to re-join. According to Ernie, all the guys, Garry, Doug, Shane and David have agreed that Tim was the man they wanted all along and have allowed him to rejoin the group


Signature Sound signs with Cathedral Records  Monday, 9:13 AM

Nashville, TN– During a recent "dress rehearsal" performance in Nashville, the newly-formed Signature Sound Quartet celebrated the signing of an exclusive recording agreement with Southern Gospel label Cathedral Records.  The group's debut recording, Stand By Me, releases this January on the Cathedral label, with the first single, "Old Time Christian Way," shipping to radio by the first of the year.

To commemorate the occasion, Cathedral Records' president Todd Payne presented Signature Sound with a plaque which read "May God bless the efforts of these willing hearts."  According to group leaders Ernie Haase and Garry Jones, "these willing hearts" are ready for just about anything.

"We've planned this out for quite some time now," admits Haase, "but when you step on the stage for the first time in this setting, you realize just how new this can feel, even to those of us who have done this before."


Cathedral Records Press
During a recent "dress rehearsal" performance in Nashville, the newly-formed Signature Sound Quartet celebrated the signing of an exclusive recording agreement with Southern Gospel label Cathedral Records. The group's debut recording, Stand By Me, releases this January on the Cathedral label, with the first single, "Old Time Christian Way," shipping to radio by the first of the year.

To commemorate the occasion, Cathedral Records' president Todd Payne presented Signature Sound with a plaque which read "May God bless the efforts of these willing hearts." According to group leaders Ernie Haase and Garry Jones, "these willing hearts" are ready for just about anything.

"We've planned this out for quite some time now," admits Haase, "but when you step on the stage for the first time in this setting, you realize just how new this can feel, even to those of us who have done this before."

Haase served as the former tenor singer for the widely popular Cathedral Quartet until their retirement in 1999. Garry Jones, who spends most of his time in the studio as an award-winning producer is also no stranger to the stage, having traveled with Gold City for 13 years.

These veterans of Gospel music are joined on the stage by three men who bring with them their own brand of experience. Shane Dunlap, Doug Anderson, and Tim Duncan have each logged their share of miles aboard a Southern Gospel bus and performed with many of Gospel music's biggest groups.

Collectively, the Signature Sound Quartet is clear on their goal, and according to Todd Payne, that's half the battle. "The idea of overnight success," states Payne, "isn't always true. The strongest quartets on the road today are those that worked hard for years, building a ministry from the ground up."

"When Ernie, Garry, and I first spoke about the opportunity to work together, they were quick to say that they were under no illusions. They knew it was going to take a lot of hard work and time before they began to experience the kind of success we all want for them. That's when I said 'These guys know what they're doing, and we want to be a part of that.'"

George Younce, co-founder of the Cathedrals, shared his thoughts on the group in the liner notes of their debut recording. "When Ernie brought over this project for me to take a listen to," Younce writes, "I knew from the first note of the first song that this was not just good . . . this was 'special,' this was 'anointed,' this was a 'QUARTET.'"

Information on Signature Sound and their debut recording Stand By Me can be found at and

The group is booked by The Harper Agency ( For more information regarding the group's first radio single, "Old Time Christian Way," contact Cathedral Records or Earl Galloway at Airplay Promotions (615-832-4119
 1-7-03 Southern Gospel News

Nashville, TN– As one of the newest groups in Southern Gospel, Signature Sound has its eyes set on Southern Gospel radio, and rightly so, according to comments received on Cathedral Records' website ( ). One listener writes " . . SSQ truly does have a signature sound. I love Stand by Me" . . ." while another adds "These guys are awesome!!!!! I love their entire Stand By Me recording!!!!"

The group's debut single, "Old Time Christian Way," has already found its way into the Top 20 on most major Southern Gospel charts. And according to the label, indicators seem to point to even more potential for the single.

While many agree that such success for a first single from a brand new group is indeed extraordinary, others are not surprised considering the caliber of talent represented with Signature Sound. Earl Galloway, owner of Airplay Radio Promotions, represents a radio team that is largely responsible for promoting the new single.

"I think Radio was looking for something really great from these guys," states Galloway, "and I also think what they got far exceeded their expectations."

In addition to Airplay Promotions, Jeff O'Neil's Heritage Communications is also a part of the team promoting this single. It is the hope of Cathedral Records' Todd Payne that the combined efforts of these two companies, as well as that of the Cathedral Records staff will set the stage for an even greater radio presence in the months leading up to the National Quartet Convention.

The song "Old Time Christian Way" can be found on the recording Stand By Me from Cathedral Records. For more information, contact Cathedral Records
 4-23-03 Southern Gospel News

Dear Friends, I wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support and kindness that you have already shown to Signature Sound Quartet. In just seven short months we have been amazed and overwhelmed at what God has allowed our group to experience. Many lives have been touched and many have been changed through the efforts of this ministry and for that we say "TO GOD BE THE GLORY!" We know that little would be possible if not for the warm acceptance we have received from you the fans! It is by your support and prayer that allows not only us but every group to continue singing. Just saying "Thank You" hardly seems to be enough when it comes to your faithfulness. It is with our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation that we say "Thank You"! Sometimes the road ahead is uncertain when you begin something new and God does not always make the path clear to us but He promises in His Word to be a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. If we acknowledge Him in all our ways, so that He be glorified, then He will exalt us to the Father and direct our paths. Again, thank you and please keep SSQ in your prayers that we will always continue to put God first in all our ways. May God bless you and we hope to see you real soon.

Garry Jones
Signature Sound Quartet
 7-29-03 Southern Gospel News

Thursday September 4 2003 - 11:46 AM ET

BOONE, NC (Singing News) - As of September 2, 2003 we have received confirmation from Signature Sound Quartet members, Ernie Haase and Garry Jones that they have agreed to a mutual separation. Haase and Jones stated, "We regret this has happened, but in the best interest of the group members and families involved, we will be dissolving our business relationship. We wish each other well in our future endeavors."

Ernie Haase will continue to travel as Signature Sound Quartet along with remaining members, Tim Duncan, Doug Anderson and David Griffith.

As of press time Haase has accepted Shane Dunlap's resignation as lead singer of Signature Sound Quartet.

Garry Jones will be making preparations for his new quartet, which will include lead singer Shane Dunlap, with details to follow. Garry's last dates with Signature Sound Quartet will be at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY.

Please keep all of these men and their families in your prayers.
9-04-03 Nashville, TN– Southern Gospel's newest award-winning quartet

Nashville, TN– Southern Gospel's newest award-winning quartet, Signature Sound, earned their place among Gospel music's finest in Louisville, KY during the National Quartet Convention as they captured Singing News Fan Awards for both Horizon Group of the Year and Favorite Tenor (Ernie Haase).

Welcoming new members Roy Webb (piano) and interim lead singer Wesley Pritchard, Signature Sound took their place center stage twice during the week-long concert series, performing songs from their newest recordings, including the Cathedral Records release, Stand By Me.

Also during the week's activities Signature Sound received the Diamond Award's Voice of the Gospel Impact Award and was recognized by WFIA in Louisville for being voted favorite performer by attendees of this year's WFIA Gospel Jubilee Concert Series in Louisville.

Ernie Haase, award-winning tenor for Signature Sound, joined his fellow group members in their excitement about the week's events.

"I said from the stage this week that God doesn't call great men, He simply has a great calling," states Haase. "Signature Sound is so humbled to be a part of this calling. We are excited about what the future holds for Signature Sound. We're not slowing down. We're just getting started."
 9-18-03 Southern Gospel News
Signature Sound Quartet members, Ernie Haase and Garry Jones have agreed to a mutual separation. Haase and Jones stated, "We regret this has happened, but in the best interest of the group members and families involved, we will be dissolving our business relationship. We wish each other well in our future endeavors.

Ernie Haase will continue to travel as Signature Sound Quartet along with remaining members, Tim Duncan, Doug Anderson and David Griffith. Haase has accepted Shane Dunlap's resignation as lead singer of Signature Sound Quartet.

Garry Jones will be making preparations for his new quartet, which will include lead singer Shane Dunlap, with more details to follow. Garry's last dates with Signature Sound Quartet will be at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville KY.

Please keep all of these men and their families in your prayers.
9-04-03 Southern Gospel News

Tuesday September 23 2003 - 9:05 AM ET

LOUISVILLE, KY (Press Release) - Southern Gospel Music legend George Younce made a special appearance with Signature Sound recently on the stage of the National Quartet Convention. A packed Freedom Hall looked on as the now retired Cathedral bass made his way to the stage amidst thunderous applause from thousands of supporters.

Due to health-related issues, Younce has made few personal appearances in the past year. However, health proved no obstacle for the seasoned veteran of the stage as he immediately took control of Signature Sound's set, bestowing his blessings on the group that had just two nights before won the Singing News Fan Award for Horizon Group of the Year.

Younce, a frequent recipient of Singing News Fan Awards himself, thanked the thousands of on-lookers for their prayers and support of him and his family. He concluded his appearance with his trademark performance of the Gospel music standard, "Suppertime."

The moment was truly special for Signature Sound tenor Ernie Haase, who is son-in-law to the legendary bass singer. Ernie continues to give credit to both George Younce and the late Glen Payne (co-founders of the Cathedral Quartet) whether directly or indirectly for being instrumental in creation of the Signature Sound Quartet.
 9-23-03 NCQ
Open letter from Ernie Haase:

Hey Team!!!!!!!!!

Good news................. We have been blessed by the addition of two great men.
I want to introduce to you Roy Webb & Ryan Seaton.

Roy Webb has been playing the piano for SSQ for the last few weeks. However, it is now official........................ Roy has taken the job and is our new piano player.
Roy and his wife Jamie are from Cincinnati, Ohio. They have two wonderful kids Mallory (age 8) and Braydon (Age 5)
Roy is a funny man and we are excited about what he brings to the group. I promise you are going to love this guy.

We are also proud to announce the hiring of Ryan Seaton as our new lead singer. Ryan is from Cynthiana, Indiana (Evansville Area) He is 23 years old and is single. Ryan has been the lead singer for the Melody Boys Quartet out of Littlerock, AR since Jan of 2003.

He will be fulfilling his last dates with The Melody Boys on Sept. 28 and joining SSQ the following week.

Interim lead singer and dear friend Wesley Pritchard will be staying on a couple more weeks to teach Ryan his part.

Wesley and I talked and prayed at length about taking the job himself on a full time bases. Wesley finally decided that it would not be in the best interest of his family. With his duties at his fathers church in Fayetteville, NC and with the two businesses he and his wife Teresa have in their home town, Wesley felt that this was something he just could not do.

I told Wesley that he need not feel bad..................... everyone loves you and will respect your decision just as I love you and respect your decision. No one can fault a man for putting his own dreams and wishes on the back burner for the welfare of his dear family.

I love Wesley very much and I love his family! They are the salt of the earth and I am a richer man for knowing them.

I also told Wesley that as far as I'm concerned that he is still a member of the SSQ!!! Anytime he wants to hop on the bus and sing he will always be welcome by us and by you our dear friends.

We are excited about the additions and for what the future holds.

Speaking of the future................... Bill Gaither had us stop by his office last week and sing for him and listen to some songs that he wants us to record.............. We did and were so blessed to have been able to spend quality time with Mr. Gaither.

He also invited us to the biggest celebration event of the year Jubilate' 2003 in Charlotte, NC. The doors keep opening and were so grateful for the friends who have stood with us and have prayed for us. God is so good and you are dear to our hearts!

In closing................ we just put a bunch of pictures on the website.................. check them out ........... I think you will like them very much.

Hope to see you soon

God Bless,

Ernie & The Boys (Doug, Tim, David, Wesley, Roy, Ryan, George, Russ, Barney, Otis, Ernest T............................ our crew keeps growing
 9-24-03 Southern Gospel News Monday September 29 2003 - 3:25 PM ET
LOUISVILLE, KY(Press Release) - When Scripture says something once, it should be heeded. When Scripture says something more than once, it can be assumed that God is placing special emphasis upon it. Twice in the book of Proverbs, God inspired Solomon to write that, "in the multitude of counselors, there is safety." That Biblical advice made a dramatic impact on the NQC Board this year, and the NQC Board made a dramatic decision in response.

For the better part of 20 years, the NQC Board was comprised of the leaders of some of the most prominent groups in Southern Gospel Music. These great men combined their collective experience and knowledge and worked together to rebuild the National Quartet Convention. God blessed their commitment and efforts and the NQC grew to become Christian Entertainment's largest annual event.

Between the spring of 1999 and the spring of 2000, the NQC lost three of these great men. For the industry as a whole, it was as though three great lights had suddenly gone out. For the NQC Board, the passing of Brock Speer, Glen Payne and Rex Nelon left three important chairs empty and hearts broken. God lead three great men to us to fill those vacancies, and the contributions of Russ Farrar, Steve French and Jim Cumbee have already been tremendously significant. However, the NQC Board believed that still more input was needed to continue to grow and prosper the National Quartet Convention.

In the summer of 2003, the National Quartet Convention Board of Directors invited a group of men to become its "multitude of counselors" that Proverbs so adamantly recommends. These men have all established themselves as some of the most prolific contributors to the world of Southern Gospel Music, and the NQC Board believes that their wisdom and insight can be of tremendous value to the National Quartet Convention. Their collective achievements and contributions to Southern Gospel Music can not be overstated, and the NQC Board looks forward to their service and input and believes that as a result of their service on the NQC Advisory Council, the NQC will continue to grow and remain the flagship event for Southern Gospel Music.

These men are Roger Bennett of Legacy Five, Martin Cook of the Inspirations, McCray Dove of the Dove Brothers, Scott Fowler of Legacy Five, Ernie Haase of Signature Sound, Ray Reese of the Carolina Boys, Tim Riley of Gold City, and Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision. By any standard, this is an amazing assembly of tremendously skilled Southern Gospel professionals, and I believe the impact of their service will be significant and immediate. The next time you happen to see any of these men, make a point to congratulate them on their appointment, and thank them for being willing to serve on this Council. Their willingness to do so proves that they have a heart for the industry as a whole, because they are willing to sacrifice their time and efforts to contribute to the entire industry by expanding Southern Gospel's most pivotal annual event. Since Scripture guarantees safety as a result of a multitude of counselors, with the service of these distinguished men, the future of the National Quartet Convention is very safe indeed.
9-29-03 National Quartet Convention Announces New Advisory Council Thursday 9-2 2003 - 12:23 PM ET

STOW, OH (Press Release) - Ernie Haase has announced that Ryan Seaton, formerly of the Melody Boys Quartet, has been as the new lead vocalist for the Signature Sound Quartet.

Seaton's new role begins immediately.

10-2-03 Signature Sound Announces New Lead Vocalist
Nashville, TN– Southern Gospel quartet Signature Sound, winners of the 2003 Singing News Fan Award for Horizon Group of the Year, has begun work on their next studio recording, Great Love. Enlisting noted producer and arranger, Lari Goss, to produce the record, Signature Sound is set to record the album before Thanksgiving, with the final touches being applied just after the new year and an official release in February 2004.

The group's debut project, Stand By Me, was a launching platform for what many are calling the hottest group to hit the stage in many years. In addition to winning the award for Horizon Group of the Year, Signature Sound's tenor, Ernie Haase, also took home the fan-voted award for Favorite Tenor. According to Haase, this album will build on the success of Stand By Me by adding even more polish and more heart to a sound that is uniquely Signature Sound.

"We're so excited to be working with Lari Goss," states Ernie. "Here's a guy who's worked with Larnelle Harris, Brooklyn Tabernacle. He's done film scores . . you name it. But through it all he still has a heart for Southern Gospel. We're thrilled that his heart has led him to Signature Sound, and we can't wait to see what happens in that studio."

Goss is no stranger to Southern Gospel, or to Ernie Haase. As a former Cathedral member, Haase worked with Lari on many of the Cathedrals' most popular albums, including High and Lifted Up, and the group's last studio project, Faithful.

"The Cathedrals will always be such a part of who Signature Sound is on stage," continues Ernie. "Even now, George Younce is such an integral part of what we do. It's as if his fingerprint is on our live performance. What better way to complete the picture than by adding the fingerprint of Lari Goss on our work in the studio."

Great Love, is set for release February 2004. For more information on Great Love and Signature Sound, visit and

Pictured left to right: Ed Harper, Lari Goss, Ernie Haase, Russ Farrar
 11-06-03 Southern Gospel News
Nashville, TN – In a marathon month of photo shoots and studio sessions, Southern Gospel quartet Signature Sound is close to completion on its sophomore recording, Great Love. With both tracks and vocals completed prior to Thanksgiving, there are but a few steps remaining before fans can get their hands on this highly anticipated recording.

During their time in Nashville, the group stayed busy, with a day-long photo shoot sandwiched between several days of recording at Nashville's famous Sound Kitchen studio. As any artist will verify, spending time in the studio is among the toughest things to do.

Doug Anderson, baritone for Signature Sound comments, "When you're away from home, it's always hard. But when you're traveling from city to city singing, you're in a normal rhythm. In the studio, there's a lot of sitting, waiting, learning parts. While it's certainly very exciting, it can sometimes make being on the road a little tougher than normal."

For Anderson, this may be an understatement. Just three short days before returning to Nashville to record vocals for Great Love, Doug and his wife, Michelle, welcomed their newest baby girl, Emma, into the world.

Bus driver and road manager Dave Griffith also returned home briefly during the group's time in Nashville, although for another matter altogether. Dave's wife, Rhonda, recently underwent a tonsillectomy, a procedure which proved successful. She's recovering comfortably at home.

Through it all, however, worked never stopped on Signature Sound's newest project. Great Love now only awaits the finishing touches before its release first quarter 2004. According to Cathedral Records, a sneak peak at photos from the Great Love shoot will be available online before the new year (
 12-01-03 Southern Gospel News Tuesday February 10 2004 - 7:54 AM ET
AKRON, OH (Press Release) - As of February 1, 2004, Ernie Haase of Signature Sound Quartet and George Younce have announced a new partnership. Signature Sound Quartet will be restructured and Younce will join Haase as partner of Signature Sound Quartet. Russ Farrar will handle all legal and business matters. Haase states, "From day one I've always felt that George and Russ were a part of this group; this formality now makes official what my heart has always believed."
George Younce states, "Even though I can't be out on this road anymore, my heart is with the guys every night. It's as if I'm starting all over again and I'm excited and proud to share in helping Ernie and his group continue to raise the bar in this industry."
As Signature Sound's legal advisor, Russ Farrar adds, "I'm excited about the potential of this group and have great respect for Ernie Haase as a friend. My official capacity is to ensure all business dealings are handled properly. It is an honor to work alongside people such as the Cathedral Quartet, the Statler Brothers, Gold City and now the Signature Sound Quartet. I look forward to this relationship and the future."
Haase concludes, "The Bible says there is safety in the multitude of counsel, and with George and Russ on my side, I feel very safe!"

  The Signature Sound Quartet announced today that Nashville attorney Russ Farrar will corporately join with Ernie Haase and George Younce as a partner, while continuing to serve as legal counsel for the Ohio-based quartet. According to Farrar, his new involvement with the group will primarily be to assist in business decisions in an effort to keep the ministry of Signature Sound both viable and effective. Ernie Haase, front man for the group, states that Farrar's counsel has always been a crucial factor in the day to day decisions of Signature Sound. This new alliance only furthers the group's ability to do what it does best, present the Gospel through music.

Haase further states, "I take what I do very seriously. However, I cannot do what I do best and deal with issues that take away from making music and serving the people. With Russ on board I can deal with the daily musical / ministry task of running a quartet and allow Russ to handle all the business dealings that seem to always take away from the ministry side of what I am called to do."

Farrar joins yet another Signature Sound partner, former Cathedral co-founder George Younce, in his affiliation with the newly formed group. Younce adds, "When The Cathedral Quartet started playing coliseums those last few years, Russ started helping us iron out things that never used to be issues in our business. He helped us then and he will be an asset now for Ernie and me in this new quartet. We trust Russ, and we believe that with Russ on board the sky is the limit for Signature Sound Quartet."

Russ Farrar has an undeniable history of support for Southern Gospel music. In 1994, Farrar was recognized as the Southern Gospel Super Fan of the Year by the Singing News Magazine. Even now, Farrar is a member of the National Quartet Convention Board of Directors, former President of the Southern Gospel Music Association, as well as the current Vice President. He also serves as legal counsel for the Southern Gospel Music Trust Fund and the Southern Gospel Music Guild.

For more information on the Signature Sound Quartet, visit
2-10-04 Haase & Younce Announce Partnership
Nashville, TN – The highly anticipated sophomore release from the Horizon Group of the Year is complete and set to hit store shelves as early as June. Signature Sound Quartet's Great Love, produced by Lari Goss, is the group's follow up project to the very successful Stand By Me, which yielded a top-ten debut single and contains the group's current single, the title cut of the album.

According to Ernie Haase, Great Love builds on the precedents set by the quartet's debut project. "We found out very quickly that people love the energy and excitement they see on the stage when we sing." states Haase. "It has quickly become who we are and what we do. It was our goal to carry that over into this new recording."

This same energy and excitement is perhaps most evident in the group's current radio single, a live concert version of the fan favorite, "Stand By Me." Taken from Signature Sound's soon-to-be-released DVD, recorded in Evansville, IN (the hometown for both group members Haase and lead singer Ryan Seaton), "Stand By Me" is indiciative of the kind of "on the edge of your seat" performance style people around the country have come to expect from the Signature Sound Quartet.

Plans for a debut single from the Great Love album are already underway,
and will include a special Great Love Radio Resource Disc, complete with interviews, liners, and a special audio featurette, to be shipped along with the single this Summer.

For more information on the Great Love recording, the Signature Sound Quartet, or Cathedral Records, visit and
 4-06-04 Southern Gospel News Tuesday May 11 2004 - 1:31 PM ET
NASHVILLE, TN (Singing News) - Fay Shedd, President of Artist Direction Agency, is pleased to announce the addition of Mercy's Mark Quartet to an exclusive booking agreement. Mercy's Mark is the newly formed quartet of Garry Jones. Garry is the former co-owner, producer and arranger of Signature Sound Quartet and Gold City. Mercy's Mark Quartet will begin touring at the beginning of June with their debut performance May 29, 2004 at Legacy Five's Homecoming in Nashville, TN.

Garry says, "We have known Fay for many years and respect her greatly. We count it an honor to be included on her roster of artists."

You may schedule Mercy's Mark Quartet by contacting Fay Shedd at 888-310-4961 or by visiting the website at
4-23-04 Southern Gospel News
One of the most overlooked, yet most vital members of any group is the Sound Engineer. You never hear him, but without him, you don't hear anything. When he does his job, you don't think about him. Let him mess up, and it reflects on the whole group. It's vital.

Another position that is very important to every group is the Bus Driver. He has to get them there, at the right place, at the right time. He's the guy driving all night while everyone's asleep, resting peacefully, and hoping he doesn't take a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

One talent that both need is the ability to improvise. Whether it's getting the hum out of the microphone or keeping the bus running, they both need a MacGyver quality. You remember MacGyver - the guy on TV that could make an atomic bomb out of a shoelace and the spring out of a ball point pen? That's the guy. Well, the sound engineer, bus driver, and all around "MacGyver" for SSQ is David Griffith.

David is no stranger to the Southern Gospel circuit. He has been on the road for 25 years, singing for 22 of it. Along with fellow Signature Sound members Doug Anderson and Roy Webb, David sang with the group "Lighthouse" for many years. He first met Ernie as Lighthouse shared dates with Ernie, and they became friends. While he's not singing these days, he's as important to the Signature Sound as any vocalist. One of the things that I noticed when I heard SSQ recently was the quality of the blend in the sound. The mix of all the different parts, as well as the blending of the live vocals and instrument with the tracks, was just superb. Finding and maintaining that perfect sound is difficult, but David managed it flawlessly.

When we had the opportunity to sit down and talk a while back, David filled me in on himself, and his background. David is married. His wife Rhonda and two boys, Shawn (11) and Zachary (13), hold down the home fires in Lebanon, Ohio. David loves his times off the road spending time with his family. David loves Golfing and Fishing, but doesn't get a lot of time for that. David said, "The Lord has been so good to us this last year, and the amount of time we've traveled, I haven't done that much, but that's a blessing."

David smiles and almost glows talking about his family. "My family is just absolutely wonderful, and the support they have given through all the years. They're all so supportive. My wife is supportive. The kids are supportive. Just last night I called home to tell them good night and all that, and I was telling Shawn how bad the roads were coming from Columbus down. It was really bad coming through Kentucky last night. He said, 'Dad, I'll pray for you, that you have safe travels.' It touched me so deeply that he would think to pray for me."

David has always loved music. "I loved music all my life," he told me. "The first concert I ever went to was the Kingsmen, the Cathedrals and the LeFevre's back in the 70's in Ohio. I just loved the music. It just filled me up. It put that excitement in me. It was just unbelievable." Being a bass singer most of his life, it's no surprise that his hero growing up was George Younce. He said he also listened to Ray Dean Reese, Rex Nelon, and of course, J.D. As a teenager, David was a big fan of Richard Sterban with the Oak Ridge Boys.

We talked about the current state of Gospel Music, and where he sees it going. "I think, as far as quartet music, and all the music that's out there in Southern Gospel; I think the industry is in good hands. I think the talent is there, and folks and kids here that will continue this for many years to come. It's a new day, a new era. Some things have changed, but things are falling back to the old, learning where the roots are. I think it's important to know the roots and understand them."

David certainly knows and understands his roots in Gospel Music, and he's enjoying the role he's playing in it now. Whether it's getting everybody to the next date, or masterfully blending that perfect "Signature Sound," David is an integral part of making it happen. Next time you're at a concert, be sure to say "Hi" to David, or you can check out the Signature Sound web page at
5-11-04 Garry Jones New Quartet Tuesday June 1 2004 - 10:02 AM ET
GATLINBURG, TN - The legendary George Younce appeared this past weekend with the Signature Sound Quartet as they performed at Family Fest in Gatlinburg, TN. Looking healthy and feeling good, George brought the crowd to their feet as he demostrated once again that he is one of Southern Gospel Music's all-time favorites. Keep on singing, George! George wants to thank everyone for their prayers and well-wishes during his recent health battles. The entire Younce family loves each and every one of you.
5-31-04 Southern Gospel News Bob Whitehead Wednesday 6-16 2004 - 8:08 AM ET
AKRON, OH(Press Release) - Southern Gospel Music legend George Younce is planning a benefit concert with proceeds to benefit Summa Health System's campaign for Critical Care. George, of course, was the bass singer for the prestigious Cathedral Quartet and duing his musical career, he has received numerous awards for his talents and achievements.

Although George's health has been up and down since the quartet's retirement, he credits God first for His touch upon his life, but he is also grateful for the dedicated and skill staff at Summa's Hopsitals for his very existence. According to George, "God has worked many miracles in my life by providing the right people to cross my path when I needed them most. Since 1999, Summa has been rated as one of America's best hospitals by such organizations as 'US News.' Therefore, I want to help them in some special way by raising funds for their much needed Critical Care Center."

Thus, a benefit concert is scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 7:30pm at the Akron Baptist Temple, 2324, Manchester Road, Akron, OH. (This is the same location where the Cathedrals had their final farewell concerts.) In addition to George Younce making a rare appearance to sing, the event will also feature the Signature Sound Quartet and other very special guests. Tickets are on sale now, so for more information about the event or ordering tickets, dial (330) 753-9751 or visit the following websites: or or  
6-1-04 George Younce At Family Fest

Gaither Homecoming From Israel. . .

This week the Homecoming friends embarked on a journey to Israel where they have just completed a video taping at David’s Citadel Museum at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. Joining Bill and Gloria for this unique experience was a full roster of Homecoming favorites including: the Gaither Vocal Band, Mike Allen, the Booth Brothers, Anthony Burger, Sarah DeLane, Jessy Dixon, Sue Dodge, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Larry Ford, Joy Gardner, Buddy Greene, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Larnelle Harris, Stephen Hill, the Hoppers, the Isaacs, Lillie Knauls, Lordsong, Mark Lowry, Janet Paschal, David Phelps, Wesley Pritchard, Bekki Smith, Reggie and Ladye Love Smith, Allison Durham Speer, Ben Speer, Russ Taff, Chrystal Washington and Woody Wright

Due in stores Easter week, 2005, this two-volume release will feature live concert performances as well as the history of the Holy Land, with footage from the River Jordan, the Garden of Gethsemane and other significant landmarks.

It is difficult to put into words the experience of walking on the same roads and hillsides where Jesus once ministered, but suffice it to say that this experience truly brings into full color the history of our faith! And the experience will be yours to enjoy in just a few months as we bring this event home on video tape and create a memoir featuring rare moments gathered with friends and singing songs such as: I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked, El Shaddai, Have You Had A Gethsemane, Because He Lives, These Are They, and a host of other favorites honoring the life, ministry and glorious resurrection of our Lord!

6-16-04 George Younce Benefit Concert Tuesday 9-14 2004 - 2:47 PM ET
LOUISVILLE, KY Writer's Ink) - Gospel music lovers arrived early, even as early as 5 a.m., on Monday morning. In fact, before the 2004 National Quartet Convention officially kicked off, fans were lining up to register for tickets for the 2005 event. The 47th Annual National Quartet Convention officially began on Monday, September 13, at the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center in Louisville, KY, attracting Southern Gospel Music fans and recording artists from at least 40 different states and more than a half dozen countries.

In addition to the fans who filled the Expo Center early on Monday, several performers and Louisville area media spent the morning hours at the Expo Center. Louisville's CBS affiliate, Channel 32 was represented by Features Reporter Jim Bulleit, while Darren Adams, from Louisville's Fox 41, also made an appearance. Both stations interviewed Hope's Call, The Rick Webb Trio and The Dixie Melody Boys. All three group's displayed their special brand of acappella harmony with television viewers, as well as the fans who arrived early. WHAS, Louisville's ABC affiliate, as well as WAVE, Louisville's NBC affiliate, also visited the Expo Center on Monday, taking in the sites and the sounds of the first day of NQC 2004.

An exciting afternoon showcase, hosted by Aaron Wilburn, was the first event to kick off the week-long festivities. More than 15 of Southern Gospel Music's new artists were featured, including The Christian Brothers, Mercy's Well and The Calvary Construction Company. Monday evening's six-hour concert line-up included performances by more than 15 of Southern Gospel Music's most popular male quartets. Groups like Crossway, The Dixie Melody Boys, The Florida Boys, Gold City, Legacy Five, The Dixie Echoes, The Dove Brothers and Signature Sound graced the stage and delighted the excited fans who were in attendance.

"We are very pleased with the kick-off of the 2004 National Quartet Convention," states NQC Executive Vice President Clarke Beasley. "We feel that Monday provided a great start to what promises to be a fantastic

More than 20 other groups are scheduled to take the stage on Tuesday evening beginning at 6:00pm. This list includes The Booth Brothers, The Greenes, The Hoppers, The Crabb Family, Greater Vision and The Talley Trio. In addition, the Artist Spotlight Showcase will take place at 1:00pm in the South Wing Conference Room.

Tickets are still available for evening concerts featured at Freedom Hall, as well as numerous afternoon musical showcases. For additional information visit

by Deana Surles Warren

8-25-04 Dunlaps Welcome New Baby 1:59 PM ET
RALEIGH, NC (Press Release) - On Sunday, October 3 at 10:19am, Southern Gospel singer Shane and Carrie Dunlap welcomed their second child to their family! Caroline Catherine Dunlap weighed seven pounds, five ounces and was 20 and 1/2 inches long. Everyone is doing great, and Shane, Carrie, and Caroline were welcomed home Tuesday by big brother Carson!

More pictures will be posted of Caroline and the rest of the family at you can send congratulatory emails to  
 9-14-04 2004 National Quartet Convention Off To A Great Start
BOONE, NC- Mike Meyer of Evansville, IN, owner of the Conquerors Quartet (the original group of Ernie Haase), has passed away from heart failure at the age of 60. No other information is currently available.  The funeral of Mike Meyer of Evansville, IN this passed Saturday. Mike was owner of the Conquerors Quartet, a regional group from that area who have had a huge following for many years. Mike was the first person to recognize the talents of one Ernie Haas, and in fact, insisted that Ernie learn the song "Oh What A Savior". After a few rehearsals of getting Mike's pencil mark reviews on Ernie's rendition, he was eventually given the "that's great" review and the rest is history. Mike was a great friend of mine and I loved him dearly. Mike also promoted concerts with the Kingsmen, Cathedrals and recently Signature Sound. He also has had Southern Sound on a few of his programs.
10-7-04 Harmony Honors Awards
Harmony Honors Awards  
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Won New Artist of the Year
Guys a job well done...
and well-deserved!!!!!
 11-19-04 SSQ On cover on Homecoming Magazine Nov/Dec 2004

 It looks to be a fine Christmas for the members of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. In so short a time, the young group has already won much acclaim and even a few awards. And now they have not one, but three new projects—a new studio album, a new concert DVD and a Christmas album.

Ernie Haase is, of course, a familiar face to many Homecoming fans. For the better part of 11 years, he sang tenor for his “dream quartet,” The Cathedrals. After retirement from the group in 1999, Haase had a successful solo career, along with filling in for the Old Friends Quartet.

But, as successful as his solo career was, Haase missed the “team” spirit that comes with being in a group. “There were times in the first few months that I felt very alone,” he says. “I jumped on planes alone, woke up in hotel rooms alone—a far cry from when I would be on a tour bus with at least four other group members.”

He admits to growing accustomed to life as a soloist. But Haase still looked forward to returning to the camaraderie and family atmosphere a quartet had to offer. “Southern Gospel is like one big family. It’s a tremendous group to be a part of and I looked forward to sharing that again with others.”

Enter Signature Sound: Tim Duncan, Doug Anderson, Ryan Seaton and Roy Webb. “Each of these guys have dynamic personalities in their own way,” Haase says. “We’ve got a great team here.”

While a group in the modern world might be tempted to “spice up” their beloved Southern Gospel, these young men think the classic sound is just fine, thank you very much. The members of Signature Sound are committed to sticking to the original formula—basically making what’s old new again.

“Except for me, every guy in our group is in his 20s,” Haase says, “and we were all raised on traditional quartet music. It’s something we love. We’re committed to keeping the original sound because that art form is what lights us up. Then when we get onstage, and we’re excited about it, we can get the crowds there. And then the crowd goes haywire because we’re up there just going crazy over what we love.”

Haase says that, for them, it all comes back to their passion for ministry and the music. “This is what God has made me to do, and I think it’s also for the people who come to our shows. But even if the people didn’t show up, I would still have my records out. I would still be singing while driving down the road listening to my CDs of gospel quartets I’ve loved through the years.

“When I was 15 years old, I heard the Cathedrals for the first time. Something happened to me that night and I’ve never wanted to do anything but that. And now, I’ve got other guys on my bus who are like me. We’ve all sacrificed great jobs and financial stability to go after our passion.”

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound has become a regular at Homecoming events. But when it comes to his friendship with Bill Gaither, Haase claims it’s all about net. Or, at least, partly.

“As a matter of fact, he called right before you called me for the interview—he just wants to talk basketball,” Haase says with a hearty laugh. “We share the same passions—quartet music and basketball.”

But apparently these common interests have been more than enough for Haase to sustain a long friendship with the gospel music legend—both personally and professionally.

“We’ve been friends for years. My very first concert with the Cathedrals was ‘Evening With Bill Gaither Vocal Band and the Cathedrals’ at TPAC [Tennessee Performing Arts Center] in Nashville. That was in April 1990; ever since then, he and Gloria have encouraged me and were always there to listen to anything I need advice for.”

As it turns out, the couple has also provided plenty of musical inspiration as well; Signature Sound recently recorded a song that Bill and Gloria penned more than 25 years ago, “This Could Be the Dawning of That Day,” which serves as the first single of Signature Sound’s sophomore project, Great Love (Cathedral Records).

“He called and wanted me to bring the guys by his office one day,” Haase relates. “We were singing close to his hometown in Anderson, Indiana. We sang for him a little, and he said ‘Hey, there’s a song that got buried. It was on the same album as ‘Because He Lives,’ and the other songs were so big, this song didn’t really get its due. But if you guys put your spin, your arrangement on it, I think that’s gonna make it a great song.’”

From the “home run” response Haase says the group has received when performing the song live, he certainly doesn’t regret taking Bill’s advice—even if the song’s age nearly matches the age of the majority of the members in Signature Sound.

If a packed tour schedule and a new disc to promote weren’t enough to keep Signature Sound busy, the group has also recently released a new live concert DVD (packed with plenty of fun extras) and a holiday album, Christmas With Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (Gaither Music Group).

Since the band had to squeeze in recording the album during the summer months, the Christmas feel had to be improvised a little. “We just turned the lights down low, turned the air conditioner down and burned some candles,” Haase recalls. “Maybe itwasn’t exactly the same as Christmas, but we managed just fine.”
Be sure to pick up the Nov/Dec issue of Homecoming Magazine!

The place was Tulsa, OK The last trip there Doug's team won and they have been telling us that this was "their" court.  This was also a "Gaither" date and Bill came in and saw the first 5 points. All of which were scored by Doug. (Ryan does not score) After Bill leaves I dive for the loose ball that is near Ryan’s foot...(Ryan does not dive either) My side (Rib cage) hits Ryan’s knee and I feel something "Snap" and then I could not breathe. I broke a rib or two. The worst pain I have ever felt!!!!!!!!!!!! After rolling on the floor for about five minutes I then get up and finish the game. (I know this is stupid but that is the competitor in me) Well, here is the whole truth................. Roy and I beat them badly even though I have two broke ribs and I have to play left handed. No excuse Doug and Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got beat by an older and broken down player. For those who might wonder.................... I could hardly breath or sing the next few weeks but I got by. As of now I am much better but can still feel the discomfort. However, They do not hurt near as bad as Doug & Ryan’s "ego"  Just thought you all would want to know. I felt led to share. I did not tell Lisa until  4 days later.................. I did not want to worry her. Every time I would call home she would ask "Did you run today?" or "Did you and Doug work out?" She knew something was up so I told her. You can't hide nothing for m a Younce Right Tara?
12-18-04 Ryan Geta Married
Ryan Married his long time sweetheart Krista.
In Evansville Indiana
Ernie, Roy, Doug, Tim was there. Roy played the piano


Psalm 68:25 
 The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.


Rose & Tim Duncan Dollywood Oct 2004

Rose & Brian Free Dollywood Oct 2004

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