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Singin' Over Yonder

Old Time Christian Way

Calvary Answers For Me I Can't Wait For Heaven
Stand By Me I Have Seen The Lord
City Built Four Square The God Of Today
 Let's Talk About Jesus...Amen Sometimes This Is Heaven To Me

Singin' Over Yonder
Words and Music by: Marty Funderburk, Joel Lindsey
Old Time Christian Way
Words and Music by: Dewey Belknap, Rupert Cravens
There's nothing quite so dear to me, As old time four part harmony, From those yellowed hymnal pages, Songs about the Rock of Ages, I've sung of sweetness by and by in that bright land beyond the sky, But these days I can hardly wait, to stroll on through those pearly gates
There's gonna be singin' over yonder, That'll make the angels wonder, If they ever really knew how to sing, When they hear the saints together, sing a song that they could never sing, Because it is the melody of the redeemed, Then the host of Heaven will join the forgiven, Worshipping the King of Kings, So if you got a reservation, What a joyous celebration, you'll be singin' over yonder with me
I can almost hear that angel band, Marching right through Gloryland, With the ones who've gone before us, Now a part of Heaven's chorus, They're playing all my favorite songs, I can't wait to sing along so I'll rehearse while here below, Until it's time for me to go

Daywind Music Publishing/BMI, Paragon Music/Vacation Boy Music, ASCAP (administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc)  All rights reserved. Used by permission
Look around you dear neighbor, In these times which we live, At the things you can see here today, It won't be long till Gabriel his trumpet shall sound, And the Lord comes to take his bride away
Well I wanna go back, back to the Bible, I wanna see old, old time revival, I wanna see people kneel at an old time altar to pray, I wanna see more camp meeting salvation, I wanna see saints, saints headed for Heaven, I wanna go back, back to the old time Christian way
If your life brother sister, is not what it should be Jesus saves, He'll forgive you today, You can have peace from heaven down deep in your soul, Just go back to the old time Christian way

Stamps Baxter Music/BMI (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc) All rights reserved. Used by permission
Calvary Answers For Me
Words and Music by:
Joel Lindsey
I Can't Wait For Heaven
Words and Music by: Dwight Liles, John Darin Rowsey
Satan just cowers, To think of the power he lost, When the Cross had its day, Gone are the mornings, When fear without warning, Would win and again have its way, Now when Satan reminds me of things I regret, I bring up Calvary lest he forgets
High on the mountain of sorrow and shame, Grace signed my pardon as Christ took the blame, When I'm called to answer for my history, Calvary answers for me, Calvary answers for me
I am now under, The beautiful wonder of grace, That erased all my past, I feel the heartbeat of mercy inside me, And now I have found joy at last, I live in freedom that chains cannot bind, And I won't look back at what I've left behind

Paragon Music Corp/Vacation Boy Music/ASCAP (Administered by Brentwood Benson Publishing Music Inc) All rights reserved. Used by permission
Some sweet morning, I'm gonna see that city, Set on a firm foundation, Laid by the hand of God, I've got loved ones awaiting, And I'm anticipating, yes I am, But between here and there, If I get happy, please don't think I'm odd
I can't wait for Heaven, I've gotta praise Him now, I can't wait for a golden street, underneath my feet, To shout His name out loud, He's made my life worth living, He's never let me down, I can't wait for Heaven, I've gotta praise Him now
I've seen Him turn a heartache, Into a shout of rejoicing, You wouldn't believe all the blessings. He showers down along my way, I won't wait no never, Till that sweet forever, no,  Cause there's a million good reasons, To praise Him every single day
(Repeat Chorus)

Centergetic Music/ASCAP,Centergy Music/BMI/ International copyright secured.  All rights reserved. Used by permission
Stand By Me
Public Domain  Author unknown
I Have Seen The Lord
Words and Music by: Belinda Smith, Sue C Smith
Now there's a time, We feel alone, Although we've done no wrong,(Done no wrong), Oh Lord, (Oh Lord), Oh Lord, stand by me (Lord stand by me)  And there's a time, We stand the test, Lord, you know we've done our best, (Done our best), Oh Lord, (Oh Lord), Oh Lord, stand by me (Lord stand by me)
Stand by me Lord, yeah, (Oh Lord, stand by me) While I walk, (While I walk this lonesome road) Stand by me Lord, yeah, (Oh Lord, stand by me) Help me to bear (Help me bear this load, this heavy load) And if I stumble, (If I stumble Lord), Pick me up, (Pick me up), Help me to drink, Yes, (Help me drink this bitter cup), Till I reach my home in Glory, (Oh Lord, oh Lord) Stand by me, (Lord stand by me)
Blinded by her tears, She didn't recognize, The Lord she loved was standing right before her eyes, Then He said her name, And the moment that she heard, A flame was lit within her that flowed out in these words
I have seen the Lord, I can't keep it to myself, I'll testify, That He's alive, What a glorious news to tell, My Savior lives, I have seen the Lord
How can I do less, Than share it now with you, The Lord I love is risen, I know that it's true, There's an empty grave, And this heart of mine believes, The resurrection story has given life to me

(Repeat Chorus)
I have seen the Cross, The blood, the nails, the crown, I have seen them take His lifeless body down, I have seen the sun set on all my hopes and dreams, Oh, but let me tell you what these eyes of faith have seen
(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge Building Music/BMI (Administered by Brentwood Benson Publishing Music Inc) All rights reserved. Used by permission
City Built Four Square
Words and Music by: Joel Lindsey
The God Of Today
Words and Music by: Marty Funderburk, Joel Guinness
Planes, trains, automobiles, Carry my across this land, St Louis, Chicago, Nashville, Orlando, Jackson and Birmingham, Fine cities each and every one, But when my time on earth is done, I'm going to a city that is built four square

There is a city (city built four square) That is built four square (city built four square) Some glorious morning (I'm gonna go there), I'm gonna go there, Fifteen hundred miles on either side, It's just a high as it is wide, I'm going to a city that is built four square
Who knows maybe today, I will soar beyond the moon, It may be tomorrow, But I sure hope it's soon, The day and hour nobody knows, But when old Gabriel's trumpet blows, I'm going to a city that is built four square
(Repeat Chorus)

Paragon Music Corp/Vacation Boy Music/ASCAP/ (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc) All rights reserved.  Used by permission
Moses was leading God's children out, But he faced the Red Sea and an ocean of doubt, Then God did what no one dreamed He would do, He parted the waters and they passed safely through, When Daniel was thrown to the lions that day, God sent His angels and they kept Daniel safe, Now I love to read those stories of old, But the half's not been told
For the God of the past, Is the God of today, If He did it back then, He'll do it again, He forever remains the same, So trust in His unchanging power, And follow Him come what may, For the God of the past, Is the God of today

If there is a sea of doubt you can't cross, And the enemy tells you that all hope is lost, Remember what God did just yesterday, He's still on the throne and He'll still make a way, When lions of fear start to rise up and roar, He will protect you cause He's done it before, God is still God, He's faithful and true, And He cares about you

Daywind Music Publishing/BMI All rights reserved. Used by permission
 Let's Talk About Jesus...Amen
Words and Music by: Phil Johnson, C Aaron Wilburn
Sometimes This Is Heaven To Me
special guest appearance by George Younce
Words and Music by: Joel Lindsey, Ernie Haase
We could all get together, Talk about the weather, And what we think it's gonna do,  We could look at the sky, And try to figure out why, And state our point of view, But we waste the gift of precious time, Cause the weather's gonna change come rain or shine, And the wisdom of man, ain't worth a dime
Let's talk about Jesus, Amen, Lets talk about Jesus, Amen, I know we've told that story before, But I wanna hear that story once more, So let's talk about Jesus, Amen
Let's have a conversation about salvation, And how I'm not the man I used to be, There's not a doubt, Folks counted me out, Till His hand rescued me, Old man death said, "You're the one that I want", Then God said "Not yet you don't", And thanks to Him I'm singing this song
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh He's walked...He's walked, With me...with me, Through all these years, And in my time, Of need...of need, He's always been right there for me, He's my Lord, He's my healer...healer, My friend, He's my redeemer, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

Spring Hill Music Publishing (Administered by Gaither Copyright Company) All rights reserved.  Used by permission
Now more than ever, I feel Heaven pulling at me, My bags are all packed, But I'm not quite ready to leave, Oh I'm not afraid, I'm not scared, It's hard to describe, I just wish the whole world could feel what I'm feeling inside
Cause when I hold the hand of an old trusted friend, This is Heaven to me, And when I see a smile on the face of a child, This is Heaven to me, So Lord, if you don't mind, I'd like a little more time, Cause there are songs that I still want to sing, There is laughter and tears, But I sure like it hear, Sometimes this is Heaven to me
I'm caught in between this world, And the world still to come, And I'm tired from the race, That I've tried to faithfully run, I don't belong to this world, I'm just passing through, But don't tell me goodbye, Cause I've still got some livin' to do
(Repeat Chorus)

Paragon Music Corp/Vacation Boy Music/ASCAP/Bridge Building Music Inc/BMI  (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc) All rights reserved. Used by permission

Psalm 68:25 
 The  singers  went  before, the  players  on  instruments  followed  after;  among  them  were  the  damsels  playing  with  timbrels.


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